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10 Annoying Habits Women Do To Irritate Their Boyfriends

Here it has been mentioned 10 Annoying Habits women does to irritate their boyfriend.

  • Sometime, you choose a movie to watch it with your girl friend and while watching that movie you will observe that she is not watching it with her full interest and missing the important scenes.


  • When you were sleeping, she will pull away the blanket and will push you in the corner.



  • Spread the hair pins all over for example on beds, sofa in wash room etc.

10 annoying habits women

  • Most of the times, you order the food your girl friend like the most but after ordering it, she will say that she is not feeling hungry.

10 annoying habits women

  • She will take her times in getting ready herself for any function. You will keep shouting to come fast, we are getting late but she will say that wait a mint. And after 5 minutes she will repeat wait a minute etc.

10 annoying habits women

  • She will set alarm to wake up early in the morning but when it rings in the morning, she will try to stop it and sleep again it will ring and again she will hit it and sleep.

10 annoying habits women

  • While bathe, she will take so much time and finish the hot water then shoot on her boy that you did not check the geezer as it is not working in the properly.

10 annoying habits women

  • If you are showering together with your girl friend, she will stand herself down in the hot water shower and keep you stand away in the cold.

10 annoying habits women

  • If she does not like anything, she will start weeping for undetermined period of time. When you ask her that what has happen, she will not tell you.

10 annoying habits women

  • If your are bachelor living together, you will find that she will harass you, by consuming one tissue roll at one time bath using.

10 annoying habits women

And when it is your turn you will find that the tissue toilet roll is finished.

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