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10 Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

A woman’s face is a beautiful asset of her whole personality so it should be given as much care time and importance as it deserves. If a woman’s face and skin are provided with enough care they can build up her personality in a graceful manner and she can walk confidently among the masses by simply following 10 make up tips every woman should know regardless of age.

  • Make your foundation look natural

If you are tired of your foundation looking un-natural and cakey, put your foundation all over your face properly then use a tissue paper and wipe the foundation off your cheeks part. Then apply blush on your cheeks and you will see it will never look fake instead more natural.

10 Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

  • How to apply mascara

To give your long and lush lashes a more glamorous look you must apply it technically. The technique is as simple as you just need to giggle your mascara at the base to make it thick and then sweep the brush outwards and upwards.

apply mascara

  • Enhance your femininity through bold lips

As there is nothing more seductive than a bold red hot pout you must give a special care and time to your lips while applying some lip colour. Use a very sharp lip liner same as the color you want to apply as you apply smile a little so that your lips get tighter and then apply the lipstick with the help of lip brush for precision.

bold lips

  • Liquid liner

Not every woman can master the technique of applying a liquid liner properly. An easy way to apply a liquid eye liner is that before applying liner take a pencil first to lightly trace a line just above your lashes, now apply the liquid liner just above the practice liner to give it perfection.

Liquid liner

  • Bold browse

Bold brows are an easy way to grab attention of the people. Comb your browse first and then use a soft slightly thin brown pencil and fill in your browse, now take the flatter side of the pencil, fill in the brows by giving short strokes similar to the hair. At the end, apply a glittery shimmer just below the brow bone to give it a brighter look.

Bold browse

  • Give your eyes a wider or smaller look

If the texture of your eyes is too small, then avoid using black pencil in the inner corners of your eyes instead use a neutral white pencil to give them a wider look. In the same way, if your eyes are already wide open and big then you can use black pencil in the inner corner of your eyes.

neutral white pencil

  • Cheap substitute of makeup brushes

You can use a clean paint brush as makeup brush as its shape is similar to that of a makeup brush so it can be a cheaper alternative a makeup brush for a professional makeup application.

makeup brushes

  • Eye lash curler tip

You can warm your eye lash curler before curling your lashing to give them a long lasting effect. A hair dryer can be used to warm your eye lash curler.

Eye lash curler tip

  • Girls with glasses

If you wear glasses, you must use a colored eye liner underneath your lower lashes and black on the eye lid.

Girls with glasses

  • Natural eye makeup remover

Use olive oil to remove your makeup easily and naturally.

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