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10 Things That Make You Happy At Work

Feeling happy at work is something that initially appears out of this world. Who likes working even if they get paid for it? Yet there are ways that can make you feel great at work. People who feel happy at work find themselves more motivated to work and eventually become good workers for any organization. Their happiness renders them indispensable. Below are 10 things that make you happy at least at a smaller extent.

  1. Being happy is a matter of choice

One thing that you must clearly understand is that life is what you make out of it. Your happiness is something that only you can control. If you feel stuck and you don’t like the job then move on. Don’t sulk.

  1. Don’t worry beyond your scope

You can’t control everything around you. Some factors are uncontrollable even beyond your opinion. It doesn’t really matter how the economic corridor affects Chinese economy if it is beyond your pay grade. Worry about it if you are the Chinese president.

  1. Don’t let people rule you

It is your life and you have to take charge of it. You are never as bad or as good as people say! So pay heed to advice and opinion only when it is needed. Not all opinions are worth considering. If you start comparing yourself to others and the benchmarks that they set; you are actually giving control of your happiness to them.

things that make you happy

  1. Reward Yourself

It has been proven through studies that small rewards act as an incentive and booster. Take a walk or get a snack, plan a movie out with colleagues or spend exclusive time with your family-whatever it is, award yourself for the hard work.

  1. Exercise on weekdays

A study at the University of Bristol reported that people who give themselves some activity allow their body to produce GABA which is a neurotransmitter known to enhance mood and happiness.

  1. Don’t be Judgmental

Judging people over the course of work is quite tempting especially if it’s coupled with gossip. Stay away from both and ask yourself whether you want others to talk about you in the same manner. Judging people and gossiping makes you guilty later and you feel sick.

  1. Be emotionally intelligent

Not all emotions are worth reacting to. Know your battles by realizing how much focus you should put on a certain feeling that is coming in your heart. Unchecked emotion makes you fight and fret over things that will eventually make you unhappy and displeased with yourself. So don’t let things get on your nerves and keep check of your emotions.

  1. Locate your moral compass

Do not give in to unethical pathways for success because in the end you will feel dissatisfied, guilty and unpleased with yourself. Learn to say no to things that you should not be doing and whenever you feel confused, take some time to note down and review your moral direction.

  1. Keep a clear desk

An untidy desk not only reminds you of the workpile, it also adds to it. Keep a clear desk so that you don’t get irritated and you don’t waste few minutes every few minutes in order to search for things.

  1. Help colleagues

Helping people in general makes a person happy so if you do the activity at work, it will not only create a moral satisfaction rather it will also make you and your colleagues happy. Do not overdo it though (that’s a warning!).

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