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13 Easy-To-Make Hair Styles For Long Hair!

Every girl wants to display unique looks at parties or events. Girls with long hair usually get confused regarding the type of hair style that would look good on them. Whether it’s a valentine date, Halloween night party or a girl’s night out, if you want to look stunning then just try these 13 hair styles for long hair and change your looks.

Two bun hair style

Two bun hair style

  • First of all you need to part your hair in the middle of the head using a comb.
  • Next you need to make a part on the side of your hair.
  • Grab a reasonable amount of hair and tie it up in the rubber band or a pony.
  • Repeat the same sequence on the other side of your head.
  • Bear in mind to tie up the hair hanging on the back portion of your head so it won’t mingle up with the hair on the side of your head.
  • Twist the hair in both of the ponies, turn each of it into a bun and then enclose it with the help of a pin.
  • Release the back hair and comb it.


Braided Tiara

How To Make Braided Tiara

  • Again create two ponies on each side of your head like you did in the “two bun hair style”.
  • Start braiding each pony and enclose it with a pin when you have braided it.
  • Just criss-cross both of the braids on the top of your head.
  • Fold the braids in the middle of your head on the top and then pin them to make them stay in their place.


Hair-tied ponytail

Hair-tied ponytail hairstyle

  • Just take some hair from the middle-top of your head and secure it into a ponytail with a pony.
  • Next you need to take a little lock from the pony tail, pull it out of the pony tail and wrap it around your ponytail securing it with a pin.


Knot-on-the-top hair style

Knot-on-the-top hair style

  • This one is made just like the last one; you have to create a ponytail on the middle-top of your head.
  • Stretch that pony tail backwards from the pony as if you are untying the ponytail.
  • Stop pulling when you are near the end of the pony tail and twist the pulled out hair into a knot.
  • Fix the knot on the top of your head with a pin.



Milk-maid braid

How to make Milk-maid braid

  • Pull a small amount of hair present on the side of your forehead into a pony-knot so it stays out of your way.
  • Start braiding your hair on the opposite side and stay close to the hairline.
  • You must include every single hair in your braid.
  • You must braid all the way to the back, as far as you can easily reach and then tie your hair with a pin.
  • Now take the remaining hair in your hand, except the one tied in the knot and start braiding it to the end.
  • Your hair is tied in two different braids, now you need to wrap these braids around your head and secure them with a pin.
  • Open the knot on your head and straighten it with a hair-iron.


Milk-maid braid (completely braided look)

Milk-maid braid (completely braided look)

  • If you don’t like the lustrous lock floating on your face like you did in the previous hair style then you can also turn it into a braid and wrap that braid around your head, pinning it to the back.
  • Now you are all braided-up, just add a chained head band on your forehead and you will look like a Disney princess.


Two-braided hair style

How To Make Two-braided hair style

  • Create a parting in the side of your head with a comb.
  • Start making a braid on the hair-line starting from the parting.
  • Stop braiding when you reach near the end of your ear.
  • Now start another braid on the top of your head from the other side of the parting.
  • Take both of the braid-ends to the back of your head and tie them together with the help of a pony.


Complete hair-tied ponytail

Complete hair-tied ponytail

  • Take all of your hair in your hand with the help of a comb.
  • Bring the hair to the top-back of your head.
  • Secure the hair with a pony.
  • Take a lock of hair from the ponytail and turn it into a braid.
  • Wrap it around the ponytail and then fix it in its place with the help of a pin.


Genie Glam (ponytail hair style)

Genie Glam (ponytail hair style)

  • Grab all of your hair and bring it to the middle-top of your head.
  • Make sure to secure the hair in a neat ponytail with the help of a pony.
  • Provide your ponytail with a glamorous look by tying a jeweled headband on the ponytail.



Knot-on-the-top hair style

  • Make a ponytail on the middle-top of your head and then twist it around in a knot.
  • Secure the knot with the help of a pin.
  • Take some tresses out from the side of your head to provide a sexy look.



Slinky Bun

Slinky Bun hairstyle

  • Start tying up your hair in a pony tail but you must stop near the end on the last twist.
  • Now spread the wobbly, bobbly, slinky bun on the top of your head.


Pigtail knots-on-the-top

Pigtail knots-on-the-top hairstyle

  • Part the hair in the middle of the head and create pigtails on the either side of the head.
  • Twist those pigtails and turn each of them into a knot.
  • Secure both of the knots on the top of the head with the help of pins.


Twisted tiara

How to make Twisted tiara

  • Create pigtails on both side of the head and twist both the pigtails.
  • Secure both the twisted pigtails with a pin.
  • Criss-cross both twisted ponytails on the top of the head and fix them with the help of a pin.

All these 13 hairstyles are really simple and easy to make. So try them at home and amaze your friends with your stylish looks.

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