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15 Latest Summer Handbags For A Trendy Summer Look!

Gone are the days when woman were able to survive with just “any” handbag. Now is the age of fashion and style due to which handbag designs have given rise to fashion merchandise industry. Now fashion designers tend to introduce their collection of stylish and unique handbags for every season or event. If you want to get the ideas for summer fashion then these 15 latest summer handbags are just going to swipe you off your feet with their extravagant looks.

  • Cross-body handbags

Cross body bags are easy to carry; you just have to hang them across your body. The latest summer collection of cross-body bags include: tiny chest-wrap bags, slouchy large-sized bags and back-hanging bags.

Cross-body handbags

  • Classic Retro bags

A retro handbag displays the lady-like look and blends with your personality in a stunning way. Classic retro bags are available in various forms including frame-like shape, attaché handbag, bowler handbag and briefcase-like handbag.

Classic Retro bags

  • Bucket-like handbags

Although this look is not new for the handbags but now they have arrived after a few re-creations. The texture, the design, the fabric, almost everything is alluring. The bucket-like handbags are available in reptile skin, hole-design, leather-sack design and rubber-like material.

Bucket-like handbags

  • Box-shaped handbags

Available in the shape of geometric boxes, these handbags are getting a lot of attention from the teenage girls. These bags have been introduced as signature bags by many famous fashion brands and up till now they are making it to the top of the market. Available with short straps, long straps, chained straps, reptile-skin and china-like designs, these bags are a must-have for you.

Box-shaped handbags

  • Fringed handbags

Designed in order to provide a hippie look, these bags come with tassels of all sizes and types.

Fringed handbags

  • Fur handbags

Fur is usually much in demand during the winters but recently most of the designers dared to introduce the fur bags during the summers.

Fur handbags

  • Multiple handbags

Gone are the days when carrying a single handbag was considered to be a fashion, now is the age of multiple handbags. This fall many celebrities were spotted supporting multiple handbags of different shapes and colors, and now this trend is making it to the summers.

Multiple handbags

  • Teeny-tiny handbags

Common perception is that handbags are used to carry things, which is not quite true. These teeny-tiny handbags provide a new meaning to the trend of handbags.

Teeny-tiny handbags

  • Printed handbags

Summer is the season of flowers and floral-printed handbags. If you are searching for something to match with your dress then these printed handbags are simply best for you.

Printed handbags

  • Shoulder-hanging bags

Not everybody loves to go for classy, flashy or stylish looking bags. Working women these days prefer to go for decent looking, simple yet ultra-modern shoulder-hanging bags.

Shoulder-hanging bags

  • Classy backpacks

Girls or even women will love to get one of these classy backpacks. Commonly people will think that these bags are only meant for school going girls but they are also great for moms and working women.

Classy backpacks

  • Woven handbags

These bags are a must have for summer due to their easy-to-carry design and extra-light weight. Whether you want a handbag for routine life or any event, they are perfect for you.

Woven handbags

  • Reptile skin handbags

Reptile skin handbags are a must-have for all those women who want to adopt a luxury look. Whether its winter season or blistering summers, reptile skin handbags are the favorites of every designer.

Reptile skin handbags

  • Stylish clutches

Who wants to get large sized handbag when the stylish clutches are in the fashion? With stunning designs and tempting colors, these clutches get to the heart of every lady.

Stylish clutches

  • Messenger handbags

These messenger handbags are a new trend in the fashion industry.

Messenger handbags

Displaying various Safari and military designs, these messenger bags are truly awesome!

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