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16 Best Polka Dot Manicures – Nail Art Designs 2016

These are the best nail designs at present. The main reason behind is they are simple to put on. All you have to do is take a tooth pick or any design brush and create perfect polka dots. The best part of these polka dots is you can combine them with fruits, florals, anchors and much more. Below are 16 best polka dot manicures, you must try.

Polka dots pattern with flowers

Flowers and polka dots go hand in hand

Polka dots design with gradients

Gradient and polka dots

Strategically places dots design making a bigger impact

Latest nail art designs

Beautiful polka dots patterns that really makes a statement

nail art designs

Glammed Polka dots design using sequins

 nail art shop

The most beautiful design you’ll surely make

 gel nail designs

Perfect polka dots design for wrapping up the summer

gel nails

Cute Nautical nails

gel nail polish

Ridiculously cute polka dots nail design

nail art ideas

UP-inspired nails

nail design ideas

These polka dots tips looks cool on classic French manicure

nail art designs ideas

These polka dots nails are adorable

how to nail art ideas

I’m in love with these polka dots and chevrons

new nail design ideas

Awesome pineapple and polka dots design

nail art supplies

Super cute gradient nails

 french nails

This black and grey manicure looks perfect on most of the ladies

french nail

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