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WATCH: Unbelievable Giant Python Hides Under Car Bonnet !!!

It is said that the snakes have always looked for the warm place to live in, but this place!!!

On Sunday, 06 May 2012, Marlene and her Spouse Leon went to see the pride of lions by the Kruger Park. Coincidently it was also the Date of birth of her late father, they couldn’t find the best place to celebrate except the Kruger Park. They were eager to look for the pride lions, and luckily they heard the news about the lions in the sector H3. On their way towards the H3, they saw the crowd of people with the cars stopped by. They thought it must be the lions, but it was a giant snake (Python) cruising outside the grass towards their car. The voyagers started to snicker right after two minutes of snake cruise. One of the Safari administrator informed them that he saw the snake moving up into the car’s bonnet.

Driving five kilometers to their destined point with the caravan of other voyagers, they stopped and opened the car bonnet and had a great view of the snake lying on the motor. Leon requested Marlene to bring the camera to capture those moments. Meanwhile Leon took the snake by tail out of the car and the snake went on the same way it came out unharmed. Later that day, they got the news that somebody detected the python on Mathekenyane. Marlene was stunned and scared of the news, so Leon drove her to Skukuza to bring her nerves back to normal.

Later that night, they laughed at that moment when the snake left and Marlene was panicked and she didn’t take more pictures of the snake. Although, it is said that the snake was four to five meters.

They never thought that they would have such an experience! They often visit the place remembering the snake in their car bonnet.

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