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30 Odd Japanese Inventions You Didn’t Know Existed

Everybody knows about the technological contributions made by the Japanese people. Most of the inventions made by the Japanese gathered great acclaim from the world. But there are also some of the inventions that were not revealed in front of the world. In this article you will get to know about those Japanese inventions that are totally odd.

·         Detachable Fake Breasts

Fathers find it really hard to bond with their babies that dwell on mother feed. These detachable fake breasts are designed for those dads who want to bond with their kids in the absence of their wives. Now any father can fill the set of detachable fake breasts with milk and hang them on the chest to feed their babies.

Detachable fake breasts

·         Butter Stick

Don’t have enough time to prepare your office lunch on daily basis? Well this butter stick is designed just for you. All you need to do is to take a piece of bread at your lunch time and apply the butter on it as if you are applying glue stick on a piece of paper.

Butter stick

·         Welcome to Japan Bra

Now you can greet the outsiders to Japan through an intimate method. This bra comes with a button that upon pressing greets the non-Japanese guests with a hearty welcome in different languages.

Welcome to Japan Bra

·         Bogus Hand

All those women who tend to cut their hand during meal preparations can relax now. This bogus hand is created to assist women in cutting vegetables and other eatery items without cutting their fingers.

Bogus Hand

·         Labeled Pillow

If you are travelling in a subway and fall asleep then with this pillow your fellow passengers will feel the obligation to awake you up when the train reaches near your destination.

Labeled pillow

·         Panorama Hat

If you love to capture the landscape views without using your hands then this hat is perfect for you. You just need to gaze at the scenery you want to be captured and this hat will take the snapshot.

Panorama Hat

·         The Anti-rape Dress

Designed for all the women that have to travel alone or leave office at late hours. If you are walking alone and somebody tries to attack you for rape then with the help of this dress, you can disguise yourself as a vending machine.

The Anti-rape dress

The Anti-rape dress

·         Swiss Knife for Gardeners

With this Swiss knife, the procedure of gardening will become more fun and easier.

Swiss knife for gardeners

·         Necktie Cum Umbrella

This is an amazing invention, an umbrella in the form of a necktie. You can wear it to the office as a necktie and use it as an umbrella on rainy days.

Necktie cum umbrella

·         Grid T-shirt for Itch

If you get irritated due to itch on your back more often, then this T-shirt is made just for you. The grid created on the back of this T-shirt will make it easier for you to direct the other person towards the point where you are feeling the itch so the other person can scratch you.

Grid T-shirt for Itch

Grid T-shirt for Itch

·         Smile Gadget

Well not a friendly device but this gadget definitely produces 100% results. If your kid frowns more often, then with the electric current produced by this gadget, your kid will start smiling.

Smile gadget

·         Inverted Umbrella

If you love to collect rain water during the rain, then this Inverted Umbrella is going to prove very useful to you. With its inverted shape, you can easily capture the rain water and the amazing thing is that you will not get wet while collecting rain water.

Inverted Umbrella

·         Hair Mask

Girls with long hair get irritated while eating soup because it can mess up their hair. But now with the help of hair mask, you won’t have to worry about getting your hair dirty.

 Hair Mask

·         Infant Feather Duster

Cleaning the house with babies is really a hectic job. But you don’t have to worry anymore. Just dress your child in this infant feather duster and your house will get clean as your infant crawls around the house.

 Infant feather duster

 Infant feather duster

·         Mouth Concealer

Japanese women don’t like other people to see their mouth while they are eating anything. This mouth concealer is basically a wrapper that women can display in front of their mouths while eating and hide their mouth from rest of the world.

Mouth concealer

Mouth concealer

·         Fanned Chopsticks

This amazing but funny invention is quite helpful to all those Japanese who don’t like to eat hot soup-noodles. Connected to the chopstick, this small-sized fan will cool down your soup-noodles with every bite.

Fanned chopsticks

·         Toilet-Paper Hat

If you get runny nose due to seasonal allergies then this toilet-paper hat will help you wipe your nose clean.

Toilet-paper hat

Toilet-paper hat

·         Gloves with Manicured Finger-Nails

These gloves are perfect for all those people who possess small finger nails and face difficulty while peeling fruits and dry fruits with their finger nails.

Gloves with manicured finger-nails

·         Half-Headed Wig

If you are bald and want to cover the front half of your head then this half-headed wig is going to solve all of your baldness issues.

Half-headed wig

·         Broom-Extension Shoes

Cleaning will become easier with the help of these broom-extension shoes. All you need to do is just to wear these shoes while cleaning your house and these shoes will help you collect garbage with the help of your feet.

Broom-extension shoes

·         Punnee-Punnee IPhone Cases

If you love to push breasts then these iPhone cases are going to reward you with much satisfaction.

Punnee-Punnee iPhone cases

·         Eye Tubes

Another great invention for all those people who face difficulty while putting eye drops in their eyes. Eye tubes enable you to put eye drops in your eyes without poking your eyes.

Eye Tubes

·         The Rice Bra

Another unique invention, this bra enables you to grow rice as you move around. This bra was invented to create agricultural awareness.

The Rice Bra

·         Embracing Pillows

Invented by the Japanese, these pillows are available with an extended arm. So if you feel lonely at night then these pillows will provide you great comfort along with the sense of complete security.

Embracing Pillows

·         Face Slimmer

This invention was created in order to resolve the issue of saggy skin in women. With the help of face slimmer, now women can easily retain their youth for a longer duration.

Face Slimmer

·         Earrings with Built-in Earplug Extensions

If you hate the useless chit-chat at the parties then these earrings are truly great for you. Just wear these earrings to any party and insert the earplugs in your ears when you want to avoid hearing anything.

Earrings with Built-in Earplug Extensions

·         Lap Pillow

This lap pillow is great for all those men who tend to miss their wives while on travel.

Lap Pillow

Lap Pillow

·         Nose Sockets

Although the idea seems ridiculous but these nose sockets have proved to be very helpful. Now whenever you have runny nose, you won’t have to waste lots of tissues. Just insert these nose sockets in your nose and relax.

Nose Sockets

·         Tablecloth Pants

Many people possess the habit of wiping their hands on their pants. Tablecloth pants will not only help you wipe your hands on your pants but your pants will also remain clean after the wiping.

Tablecloth Pants

·         Hand massager for Breasts

While massaging breasts, most of the women are not able to reach each and every part of their breasts. Now with the help of had massager for breasts, you can easily massage each and every portion of your breasts and keep them firm for longer time.

Hand massager for Breasts

All of these Japanese inventions seem odd but they do are interesting. Which one of these did you find helpful?

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