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3D Prosthetic Paws Enabled A Pup To Walk And Run In An Upright Posture

If any dog has lost his paws due to any sort of accident or birth defect then this is a great opportunity for him. Recently the researchers have come up with an advanced technological development. If anybody is worried about the walking disability of his dog then after the implementation of this technology that disable dog would be able to walk in a normal manner. This technology is known by the name of 3D prosthetic paws. Developed and created by 3D Systems, this technology is another mile stone achieved in the field of animal health.

3D prosthetic paws

This technology has recently been tested on a dog named, Derby who was born with a walking disability. Derby, who is two years old right now, was not able to walk properly due to his half-formed paws. With the successful test of this technology on Derby, he got rid of the agony of crawling throughout the area.

3D Prosthetic Paws

“He was scooting around on [his] nubs and chest,” claimed Melissa Hannon from the rescue organization of Derby, Peace and Paws, in the interview with ABC News.

3D prosthetic paws

3D Systems is the company that is famous for its creation of various fabrications and 3D designs. When 3D Systems experimented on Derby, he showed significant improvement in his walking gestures.

3D prosthetic paws

Derby was able to walk with this new set of prosthetic paws but his walking posture was bit hunched. After further experimentation, the company implemented the new set of grown-up prosthetic paws that allowed him to walk or run with an upright posture.

3D prosthetic paws

“Derby took to his new prosthetics very well,” stated Sherry Portonva, proud owner of Derby. “They raised him up to his proper height,” he’s sitting like how a real dog sits, which he’s never been able to do.”

3D prosthetic paws

The company revealed that their designer, Tara Anderson passed through some great trouble so she could help Derby move with a graceful standing posture.

3D prosthetic paws

“Because our first circular ‘blade’ design was so successful, our initial thought was simply to scale the original,” the company said in a statement. “What we had not accounted for in this second iteration, however, was that while we managed to elevate Derby to the appropriate height, the results of the scaled design were too ungainly for easy movement.”

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