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5 Beauty Tips For Men That Women Start Liking You

Men usually work outdoors for a living. Their skin is more exposed to the environment than women. Men bear sunlight, rain, fog, pollution, and dust. Like women, their skin also needs care to make it fresher and younger looking. Regardless of the gender, whether men or women both have equal rights to make themselves attractive and flawless. So here, we shall discuss beauty tips for men in detail to grow awareness.

  • Cleansing

If your skin looks clean to you and you think there is no need to cleanse then you are wrong. Dirt is always present there as men go outside for work. Men have oilier skin than women do, so a suitable face wash is needed to remove dust particles. Try to avoid soaps as they cause dryness and roughness. If you do not pay attention to cleanse your face, as the time passes you will clearly be able to see pores and blackheads. Cleansing should be done twice a day, early in the morning and before bedtime.

Beauty Tips For Men

  • Exfoliate

This is the second main step, but of great importance. Most of the men do not care about their skin, which makes them look older than their age. This problem can be resolved by exfoliation. It includes scrubbing gently which removes the dead cells and brand new fresh skin appears from the bottom. Exfoliation is effective even to uproot the deep dead stubborn dirt stuck in the pores. An exfoliant with granules really helps to smooth the skin enhancing the blood circulation. You will get shiny skin. It is easy to use as few times a week and enough to get the results.


  • Moisturize

The biggest mistake men usually make is the use of after shaving lotions. When you rub the razor across your skin, necessary oil is removed with the hair too. Afterwards, when men apply lotion contains alcohol as an ingredient; they are doing harm as alcohol based lotions burn the skin causing dehydration or roughness. So, in this situation only moisturizer is the best way to eliminate these types of worries. It not only refills your skin’s oil also stop razor burn. In addition, using moisturizers with SPF in them is the great shield for premature aging, wrinkles, and skin cancer.


  • Eyes

Aging signs can clearly be seen around the eyes. They become more prominent when taking care of eyes is neglected which most of men do. Black circles, wrinkles around the eyes are due to the dehydration because there is no sufficient skin oil producing glands. Do not worry, the solution is right here. Select a hydrating eye cream. Apply it twice a day most preferably after cleansing. This trick will make your dark circles and line around your eyes to vanish.



  • Hair

After the completely busy day of work, dust particles and heavy sweating start to fade away your hair’s shine day by day. If you do not wash the hair with the shampoo one day, you will lose the entire beauty of the hair. Choose the best-formulated shampoo, which suits your hair. After washing your hair, towel dry it and follow it with a conditioner for smooth and silky touch.


In addition to all of the above discussion drink plenty of water and do exercise for natural beauty.

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