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5 Mistakes Men Make About Women

Men and women are hardwired differently and we all accept that. Yet I am sorry to break this to you that sometimes it really “is” the man’s fault when something goes wrong in the relationship. Women have a reputation of wanting to talk all the time but still, they are a mystery to men. Many of the men around us do not understand what the woman wants. Men tend to fall back on what they want and what they need. They hardly focus on the “needs” of their partner. Is it because Eve was created for Adam and not otherwise? Is it destiny? Below are five mistakes men make commonly about women:

  • Not listening

Men think women are talking for the sake of talking. They don’t realize that this is the way women connect. Men might not get the same high as women do because of talking, but a listening ear sometimes is not bad especially if she is depressed and looking to talk it out.

  •  Not offering assistance

Women might not ask a man for some help around the home. Yet if a man bothers to look up from the TV and see her doing something around the house (which is the most likely thing that she will be doing) it is time to stand up and offer assistance. Why not? She has been taking care of the house all day long without relaxing. Is asking for a little help too much?

mistakes men make

  • Not learning about her needs

Men and women are different even if they have compatible needs. It causes a giant rift in relationships when either party doesn’t realize that men and women have been created differently. This also applies to activity in the bed. What is foreplay for one might not be so for the other. Is it too bad to try and learn? Or maybe just change the way you do things once or twice a month?

  • Misunderstanding the silence

When a woman is silent, it means that she is hurt. If the silence continues then it means that things have gone from bad to worse. A woman might already be making an exit plan. Men tend to think that silence is good and that she is healing and recovering from whatever happened. The fix is that they should ask her what’s wrong and once they do: they should listen.

  • Thinking that “physical presence” is enough

For men, it is enough for the woman to just “be there” even while he is sitting at the laptop or watching TV. For women it is different. You need to stimulate the sense of feeling your presence. Reach out with a few words. The fix of the problem is talking, touching and tuning in. Women like to be noticed and spending the whole night on Facebook or Youtubing the weekend away is a silent poison for her prestige and self-worth. You only make her realize that she means nothing even if you feel otherwise yourself; you are not communicating it that way.

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