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6 Weird Knee Exercises Revealed For Severe Knee Pain

There are a number of reasons behind the knee pain. To minimize the pain you can adopt some knee exercises to be done on a regular basis. Knee pain can be very hurting and indigenous to your health. There is a variety of reasons behind the pain and a lot of medications and treatments are recommended by the doctors to help curing the pain. In this scenario, the right knee exercises can also play a vital role in minimizing the pain. If the pain is due to the excess of weight over your body then knee exercises can be the best cure to bring your body to an ideal weight and get yourself free from the pain.

Following are the common and useful exercises to cure knee pain:

  • Step up exercises

You can buy a stepper from the market for this exercise but if you don’t have a stepper, no problem as you still can do it without a stepper. All you have to do is to step one foot on a stair in your home in a way that step right foot on the stair and the left one at the bottom. Repeat the exercise with leg on the step and the other on the bottom. Do the exercise in a rapid pace. And try increasing the number of steps in each minute.

Knee Exercises

  • Knee squats

Hold onto a chair at your home or any other support with the height of a chair. Bend down your knees at the right angle and squat down with a fine balance. Get back to the standing position and then squat down again. Do not loose balance of your knees as it can harm your knees and back even more. Repeat the exercise at least ten times a day.

Knee squats

  • Leg raise

Sit back on a chair with your spine straight in a good straight posture. Now raise your left leg towards the angle of your abdomen and hold it on the count of 10 slow seconds. Now slowly lower down your leg and raise the right leg and repeat the same count again. Do 10 repetitions of this exercise each day.

Leg raise

  • Side leg raise

Lie down on your left side on the ground and slightly bend your left leg. Raise the right leg straight upwards and then downwards. Repeat the right leg raise 10 times. And now lay down on your right side and raise the left leg up and then down in the same way you did lying on the left side. Do at least 2 sets of 10 repetitions of this exercise.

Side leg raise

  • Sit stand exercise:

Sit on a chair in way that you don’t completely touch the back of the chair. Bring your arms forward in the air at the angle of your chin straight. Stand up in the same posture and sit back again.

Sit stand exercise

Do the same exercise 10 times. Do at least 2-3 sets of this exercise with 10 repetitions each day.

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