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7 Trendy Hairstyles You Can Do With A Blow Dryer

Blow Dryer is something that has decreased the efforts that a women puts up to maintain her looks and hairstyles. If you have not used a blow dryer yet then these 7 hair styles you can do with a blow dryer are definitely going to make you go for it.

First hairstyle- frizzy hair into sleek and straight hair

frizzy hair into sleek and straight hair

First of all you must take front portion hair locks and tie them in a clip. Now you must comb the remaining hair in a backwards position and also tie it in a separate clip. Release the hair with the first clip. Now you must grab a roller brush and start grabbing your front hair with it and dry it with the blow dryer. When you are finished with the primary hairlocks, part them in the middle and start working on the rest of the hair. Now you must distribute the remaining hair in two parts.  Dry each part starting from the roots and moving towards the tips. Pull the hair down with your roller brush and dry it. You must rotate or spin the roller brush while you are drying your hair. Repeat this procedure with the remaining hair and you are done, now enjoy your look.

Second hairstyle-Straight to curly hairstyle

how to make curly hairstyle

Just separate your damp hair in different portions and clip each portion. Start blow drying from one side. Capture the hair in your roller brush and move the blow dryer near your hair from roots towards the ends. You must keep your hair rolled in a roller brush and apply blow dryer for a few minutes so the hair stays in that position. You can also apply the hair spray if you want the curls to stay like that for a long time.

Third hairstyle-bouncy hairstyle

How to make bouncy hairstyle

Divide your hair in separate portions and fix each portion with the help of a clip. Grab your roller comb and stretch your damp hair with it. Start blow drying your hair and move from the roots to the end. When you reach near the end, start rotating your roller-comb in order to provide the curly end to your hair locks.  Repeat this procedure with each portion of the hair locks.

Fourth hairstyle-straight to frizzy look

how to make curly hair

If you have straight long hair and you want to provide frizzy look to your hair then start braiding your hair in as four to six braids when your hair is damp. Start applying the blow dryer from the roots and move it slowly towards the tips of the braids. Apply the blow dryer for a few minutes and then start opening the braids. Enjoy your frizzy look.

Fifth hairstyle-rough, voluminous look

voluminous hair look

Just divide your damp hair into different ponytails. Twist each ponytail into a knot and fix it on the head with a pin. Apply the blow dryer for a few minutes. Open up your hair.

Sixth hairstyle- Curly ponytail look

Curly ponytail look

If you want to get curly ponytail look then comb your hair and tie it into a neat looking ponytail on the top of your head. After tying the ponytail, grab your roller-comb and twist your ponytail hair into it. While twisting the ponytail hair, apply the blow dryer for a few minutes. You will love to see your ponytail twisted in a curl.

Seventh hairstyle-Straight hair-look with curly hair locks

Straight hair-look with curly hair locks

This one is quite easy, just distribute your hair in different portions and fix it up with clips. Start combing the backside hair with a roller brush and apply the blow dryer. You must stretch the roller-comb in order to keep the back hair straight. Release the front locks from the clip and start twisting them in a roller brush while applying the blow dryer. Enjoy the straight hair-look with curly front-locks.

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