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9 Prom Makeup Ideas To Look Prom Queen

Prom night is nothing without the perfect prom makeup. Selecting a dress for prom night is easy, but prom makeup ideas needs extra attention. Flawless makeup will make you the prom queen. Start planning about the prom night than to experience some difficulty in makeup for prom. No one wants to miss prom night and wants to look special and different too, so here are some prom makeup ideas that can make you stunningly hot.

  • Silver and black eyes

If you choose a simple dress, then go for some dramatic makeup for prom. Silver and black eye makeup gives you the gorgeous look. Boost your arrival by applying some shimmery blush on the cheeks. However, keep in mind that the lips must carry light and simple shades, as the eyes are the main focus point.

prom makeup ideas

  • Black eyeliner with shimmery black eyeshadow

This makeup tip is simple but full luxurious. It gives the elegant appearance. Apply eyeliner and then coat a layer of white shimmery eyeshadow. Select a nude colour for the lips and cover your cheeks with a peach coloured blush.

Black eyeliner with shimmery black eyeshadow

  • Red lips with vaguely smokey eyes

If you are wishing to be the prom queen, then without wasting time, go for this easy, amazing and different prom makeup. Coat some dark coloured lipstick like crimson red. Accompany it with smoky eye makeup and blush on the cheeks. Curl your hair and feel the difference.

vaguely smokey eyes

  • Cat eyes with glossy lips

Create cat eyes in the perfect way. This can be done simply by several layers of eyeliner and heavy mascara. Applying gloss and moderate blush will enhance your beauty.

Cat eyes with glossy lips

  • Neutral brown eyes with pink lips

Decorate your features with some brown eyeshadow and dark black mascara. Pink lips and delicate cheeks will give you the amazing look.

brown eyeshadow and dark black mascara

  • White and pink eyes with glossy lips

Consider this makeup tip if you like to be simple, delicate and attractive. Along the brow line use white eyeshadow as a highlighter and apply pink eyeshadow on the lid. Couple it with heavy mascara. Go light with the lips and cheeks. Gloss will be enough for the lips and gentle blush will complete your makeup.

White and pink eyes with glossy lips

  • Gray and blue eyes with peach lips

Steel gray hue and blue eyeshadow give the romantic and perfect look for the prom. Eyeliner and mascara should be applied cleanly. Make the lips glossy. Light peach blush enhances the cheeks.

Gray and blue eyes with peach lips

  • Shimmery brown eyes and peach lips

This flawless makeup tip is basically playing with dark colours. If the colour of your dress for prom night is black or some other dark shade, then this makeup goes perfect along your dress. Use brown eyeshadow above the eyelid and below the lower lash. Coat a layer of eyeliner with mascara on the lashes. Finalize it with peach lipstick.

Shimmery brown eyes and peach lips

  • Shimmery bronze eye shadow with red lipstick

If you are planning to wear a red outfit then dress your lips with red too. Brighten your eyes with some bronze shimmery shade and a fine line of eyeliner. Do not overdo eyeliner. Use eyelash curler then apply mascara and false lashes to give you proper dramatic look.

Shimmery bronze eye shadow

Hope these tips make the best results for you being a prom queen.

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