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15 Million Girls Will Be Married This Year Before Their 18th Birthday

Same like others, the marriage of John and Lilly really looked shocking. The whole marriage ceremony was loaded with the wonderful roses, strips and stylish themes. Lilly and john’s families were also there at the marriage ceremony. At first, it completely appeared as something out of the storybook. You’ll be shocked to know that Lilly was only 11 years old when she was getting married. It is valid for over 15 million girls who are pulled to marriage every year.

The UNICEF and the wedding musings worked together on this breath taking video, to make people aware of this results of tyke marriage. These young girls are treated more as a property than a human. After all, the youngster’s marriage happens everywhere in the world. But, if we are together, we can stop it.

The Bridal Musings ad UNICEF indicates that;

“The dismal truth is that a young lady who is hitched as a tyke will probably be out of school, experience aggressive behavior at home, and get to be contaminated with HIV/AIDS. She will probably have kids when she herself is still youngster, and is much more inclined to kick the bucket because of intricacies amid pregnancy and labor.” In this video, the girl Lilly weds a 35 years old john. And her parents didn’t do anything to stop this.

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