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Abortion Rights Will Give Rise To Heated Discussions During The Presidential Campaigns 2016

A great friction can be seen between the republicans and the democrats on the delicate issue of abortion.  With the presidential campaign 2016 approaching at fast pace, both side candidates are striving hard to prove their points regarding this issue in an aggressive manner.

Some serious friction will also be witnessed on the senatorial grounds. Supreme Court is considering the implementation of strict anti-abortion laws while on the other hand Planned Parenthood will be providing special boost to the congressional investigations held by the republicans.

“It’s an amazing convergence of events,” claimed Charmaine Yoest, who is the CEO of anti-abortion group called Americans United for Life. “We haven’t seen a moment like this for 40 years,” further states Yoest with great amazement.

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Hillary Clinton, who is the front-runner democrat, has been defending her support for the abortion rights in the presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton, since the very start has remained a staunch supporter of the contraceptive measures, health screening procedures, and abortion rights. She always stood by the Planned Parenthood (an organization for the abortion and contraceptive rights) when it got a verbal beating from the republicans and activists protesting against the abortion rights.

While on the other hand, all the candidates belonging to GOP are against the Supreme Court’s decision of 1973 in which the court ordered the legalization of abortion throughout the country. Most of top listed contestants such as Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have showed their staunch opposition to the abortion rights even if the need for abortion is felt in the case of rape or sexual assault.

People are going to witness various changes in the upcoming presidential elections such as increasing level of polarization will be witnessed between the two parties. The war will not be limited to the favor or opposition of the idea of abortion rights but now the parties will fight on the subject of opposing or favoring the late-term abortion and terminating the federal funding to the Planned Parenthood.

House Republicans are also going to provide a push to the investigation of the abortion practices of the Planned Parenthood and all the other famous abortion centers.

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