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About Medical Reasons For Tummy Tuck Surgery

What are the effects and outcomes of tummy tucks before and after? You must have heard people talking nowadays about tummy tuck and flat and well toned abdomen you can get with help of it. Results achieved from this procedure are drastic and clearly visible to eyes. However, what happens before tummy tuck and what will happen after tummy tuck? These are important questions you may want the answers of considering your health status. To answer most of your question you can consult this article for medical reasons for tummy tuck.

People always tried to lose their weight and keep themselves fit with help of dieting and tedious exercised. Though they can achieve lost in weight and may be able to get themselves in a proper shape but some parts of the body are very stubborn and not easy to deal with. Tummy is one of those parts. Regular exercise may put off some stones but the muscles around tummy become loosen and due to skin get folded in layers especially after pregnancy, aging, sudden weight reduction, etc. The answer to these problems is tummy tuck with the help of which you can achieve flat tummy. This procedure is not related to weight reduction program and advised to people with nominal weight and extra fat around tummy area.

Important points before surgery:

When you decide to go through the procedure of tummy tuck normally called as abdominoplasty you should first consult surgeon. Then to avoid any complex situation you should follow some general rules such as:

  • You should avoid unhealthy dieting and should give your body strength with help of natural food to improve any weaknesses. It will also help to recover from surgery soon.
  • You should consult your doctor about your diet and should eat planned healthy food and also intake extra vitamins and minerals if recommended by doctor.
  • Normally, food intake has been prohibited a night before surgery to avoid vomiting.
  • Strict rule NO SMOKING….smoking is injurious to health and can cause problems during procedure. It can affect the oxygen supply to cells and deprave blood of oxygen. Therefore, if people are in habit of smoking doctors recommend them to stop smoking 2 weeks before operation.

Medical Reasons For Tummy Tuck

Visible effects after surgery:

After tummy tuck some visible effects are removal of skin and removal of fats. Obviously, this results into flatter tummy, tighter abdominal muscles, attractive shape and some surgery scars. So, after looking in mirror you will feel it worth paying for.

But everything in this world has pros and cons. Some cons may cause as result of surgery or may cause due to ignorance of surgeon are like:  lost in blood, infection, marks, Anesthesia  and its side effects, change in texture and color of skin, nausea, fatigued due to medication and pain due to swelling in legs. That can cause uncomfortable feeling.

These all problems can be dealt with a proper care. But the key to proper shape and health of body after tummy tuck is Exercise. Tummy tucks before and after, you should exercise to improve your health and maintain your shape.

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