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Adorable Makeup Ideas For Green Eyes

Green eyes are the most beautiful, adorable and rare. Green eyes give you a unique and beautiful look. Green eyes are the most attractive eyes but electing the correct makeup for green eyes is not an easy task. There are various makeup ideas for green eyes available. The beauty of green eyes can be enhanced by following these tips mentioned below:

Dramatic gold:

Gold is one of the most suitable colors for green eyes. A golden eye shadow color makes green eyes pop up and enhances their beauty.

Makeup Ideas For Green Eyes

 Green cat eye:

This look is wished-for special events. To make this look more unique, try some cat eye makeup. This is ideal for green eyes. Step by step method for green cat eye makeup is shown below.

Green cat eye

Purple touch:

Purple and green is a perfect match. Try some purple and violet eye shades and eyeliner to make your eyes more stunning.

Purple touch

Peach blush:

Whether it is cream or powder blush, peach blush goes well with the green eyes. It makes them look bigger and prominent.

Peach blush

Red based shadows:

The best way to find the perfect match, trying different colors is the best solution, but experiences show that red based shadows rather than blue-based shadows make green eyes even lovelier.

Red based shadows

Brown mascara:

To draw the attention of others through your eyes, applying brown mascara is the best choice. It gives extra length to the lashes and makes the eyes breathtaking. It is the simplest way, but makes a real difference in the look.

Brown mascara

Pink and plums:

Finally, using pink and plum is another tip, which goes well with green eyes. Whether you are using pink and plum colours in your eyeliner or in your eye shadow, just include this in your makeup and see the difference.

Pink and plums

Say no to silver:

For ladies with green eyes choosing silver for their eyes is really a bad idea. Silver and gray eye shadows do not set well with the green eyes. It’s better to consider warm colors and plum.

Copper tone:

Like bronze or dramatic gold, warmer color is the best for green eyes. Copper tone is the best companion of green eyes because it makes eyes incredible and attractive. To enhance the beauty, a layer of shimmer is powdered over the shade; take this choice for the night functions whereas for the day you should apply matte eye shades.

Copper tone

Skip the black eyeliner:

It does not mean that you should totally leave the black eyeliner to apply, but ladies with green eyes, their concentration is to make their eyes really pop up. Violet, purple and plum is much better than black eyeliner

Green eyes are the sign of beauty. Few of the people are blessed green eyes. Therefore, if you are one of them, this article will be very helpful to boost your gorgeous look.

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