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American Red Cross Out On The Mission To Collect Blood Donations From Residents Of Grundy County

Holiday season is the time when people don’t get enough time to donate blood. Blood banks complain a lot about the shortage of the blood donations as most of the people tend to fall ill due to seasonal flu or get busy due to their burdened up work routine. Recently Heartland Blood Centers and the American Red Cross have started a campaign in which they urge the people to come forward and spread the gift of life by making blood donations.

“There’s absolutely a need. Every year at this time, the donors, they fall off. It could be holiday plans, travel plans. Seasonal flu. This is the time to donate,” claims Ken Cozzi, executive director in the southwest suburban chapter of American Red Cross.

The local chapter of Red Cross covers almost six different counties while serving around 1.1 million people. Executive director of southwest chapter is of the opinion that people do need blood during the holidays so people must not stop donating the blood during this season. Red Cross collects around 14000 units of blood on daily basis because as a life-saving organization it provides blood to a large number of patients every day; these 14000 units of blood are just enough “to simply meet the needs” of the regular patients.

American Red Cross

Executive Director Cozzi further revealed that this campaign has been launched by the name of “Give Something That Means Something” and will be wrapped up on the 3rd of January.

Recently this life-saving organization has also released a press statement in which it stated the need for around 175,000 donations of platelet and blood. According to the organization, these donations are required in order to meet the blood transfusion demands of the regular patients at various hospitals and blood transfusion centers around the country.

On the other hand, Heartland Blood Centers is also in the middle of its blood collection campaign that was launched on the 18th of December and will wrap on 31st of December. Heartland Blood Centers also plays a major role in saving lives as it covers almost 12 different counties; Heartland Blood Centers has been serving almost 65 different hospitals in these counties.

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