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American Scientists Invented Predictive Map To Fight Against Plague

History reveals terrifying tales of nations that vanished from earth because they got struck with the evil of plague. Recently American scientists came up with an advanced weapon in the form of a technological map to fight the curse of plague.

United States of America has also remained the victim of plague and saw many cases of this disease since the year 1900. The bacterium Yersinia pestis, which causes the plague, has always remained in the air of United States but in controlled ratio. Western America is currently known as the largest carrier of plague-infested animals. Although few cases of human plague-infestation have surfaced in America but still there are many animals that have been infested with plague bacteria. In comparison to the third-world countries such as India, Madagascar, Peru, and Congo, the plague-infestation in America is at very low point. Congo alone reportedly faced almost 10,000 cases of Plague during the tenure of 2000 to 2009.

According to the historians, Chinese rats brought this curse to the western coasts through industrial ships that traveled from china to west at the time when third major pandemic hit the world. 1924-25 was the last time when America became a victim of this deadly disease; at that time about 12 people died from this infection.

American Scientists Invented Predictive Map To Fight Against Plague

Due to the advancement in the field of medical science, this curse can now be treated with the help of different medicines including antibiotics. Although during the 14th century, this disease snatched the lives of almost 60% European inhabitants but now due to various medical techniques, a patient of plague can be completely cured if the infection is detected at the initial stages.

The predictive map, that has been designed by the American scientists, uses the previous data of plague epidemics to predict that where this curse is going to hit next. This map provides clear predictions about the creatures that will become plague victims, location, climate and geographical factors that will be affected by this disease using a computer algorithm.

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