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Are Young Girls Really The Reason Behind Teenage Heart Attack?

Recent research has revealed that young and stunning girls are the major reason behind the Heart Attack in men. You might be thinking that how it’s possible, but this theory has been scientifically proven by the study. A team of researchers conducted a study on a number of male teenagers and men under the age of thirty. After the experimentation, researchers reached the conclusion that teenagers were more prone to cardiac arrest because they were not able to control their emotions when exposed to the opposite sex.

Cardiac Arrest

Study further revealed that when the teenage boys were exposed to stunning teenage girls, their heart rate suddenly jumped to extremely dangerous heights. Researchers have concluded that boys who are occasionally exposed to beautiful girls are more at risk of cardiac arrest because of Tachycardia.

Young Boys Heart Attack

Tachycardia is the condition in which the heart rate suddenly goes up due to any emotional effect, for instance excitement, anger or heart break. Tachycardia can also result in Hypertension that leads to cardiac arrest. Doctors are of the opinion that teenagers who suffer heart break in their relationships are also at great risk for cardiac arrest due to the fact that heart break leads them to severe depression.

Young Patients Heart Attack

But the question is that what leads these young men towards Tachycardia? Heart rate only exceeds the normal limit when human mind or body experiences something unique or extra-ordinary. So when a young boy encounters a stunning beauty, his mind is not able to control his bursting emotions and his heart starts racing, which puts him at great risk of heart attack.

Boys And Girls Relationship

Same goes for depression; depression also incurs very negative effects on the hearts of young men. Any young man, who is not able to access the personal info on the social media account of his concerned maiden, falls into a severe sort of depression. This type of depression can also lead to the death of this young man.

Cardiac Arrest

Although researchers are conducting further studies on this issue, but up till now researchers have claimed that boys are facing extremely dangerous situation due to beautiful girls so they must be protected from this evil.

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