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Auto-Brewery Syndrome Mystery: New York Police Drops The DUI Charges On The Unnamed Lady

One can’t ignore the fact that unique sort of medical conditions are showing up around the world with each passing day. Recently a woman was arrested by the New York police department due to the DUI charges but it turns out that she was able to avoid these charges due to her medical condition. This woman, who was arrested in the area of Hamburg, got tested through a breathalyzer when the traffic police held her into custody due to her disturbed driving activity. Upon arrest, this woman revealed that she suffers from “auto-brewery syndrome” that’s why her breathalyzer test is showing an increased level of alcohol presence in her body.

According to the details revealed by the New York police department, the test of this woman revealed the presence of alcohol around four times more than the normal limit set for DUI charges. Later the DUI charges were dismissed as the woman was able to submit reasonable proof that the positivity of breathalyzer test was due to her medical condition i.e. auto-brewery syndrome.

Auto-Brewery Syndrome

“I had never heard of auto-brewery syndrome before this case,” admitted Joseph Marusak in a CNN interview. “But I knew something was amiss when the hospital police took the woman to wanted to release her immediately because she wasn’t exhibiting any symptoms.” Marusak who is the woman’s attorney spoke only under the condition that his client’s name must not be revealed.

Although “auto-brewery syndrome” seems like a unique name as nobody at the police department had previously heard about this medical condition but still there are a few people who claim to have heard about this disease. Barbara Cordell, who is a dean for nursing at the Panola College, claims that she is currently researching on thirty people with the similar medical condition.  “They can function at alcohol levels such as 0.03 and 0.04 when the average person would be comatose or dying,” says Cordell. “Part of the mystery of this syndrome is how they can have these extremely high levels and still be walking around and talking.”

Discovered in the start of twentieth century, Auto-Brewery syndrome was previously known by the name of “germ carbohydrate fermentation”.

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