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Avoid These 8 Things Not To Do During Your Period For Happy Periods!

Periods are known to be the toughest time for every woman due to various reasons. Almost every woman faces some serious mood swings or health issues during her periods. Women tend to adopt various homely or herbal remedies in order to ease their menstrual issues but these issues can also be eased without these remedies. If you face some issues during this delicate monthly phase then you can avoid them by keeping these 8 things not to do during your period in your mind.

things not to do during your period

  • The first thing that you must avoid doing in this condition is cooking food in kitchen. Or we can also say that you must not use knife during this time. You see during periods, a woman is in her worst mood so if you use knife then chances of you murdering someone in cold blood are very high.
  • Another thing that you should avoid during the periods is using a telephone or having a telephonic conversation with anyone. You see, due to your worst mood you can easily get into a fight over the telephone call and such fight might even result into a breakup with your boyfriend. You can also throw your telephone out of the window.
  • Exercising or we can say drastic exercising is very bad for you during the periods. Due to heavy bleeding, some women might feel pain in their body or abdominal area, so exercising in such condition can be harmful for you.
  • Don’t ever watch romantic comedies in this condition. Romantic comedies depict perfect life so seeing such TV shows might put you into depression regarding your current condition. If you are leading a single life then seeing such TV show might make you crave for a relationship.
  • Don’t go mad over chocolates. According to a common conception, women think that eating chocolate during menstruation might ease your periods but it’s wrong. Eating too much chocolate might increase your body weight.
  • You must never fall into an argument during the periods. Due to hormonal fluctuations, a menstruating woman is not able to control her thoughts or her words. So getting into an argument might turn it into a heated one and you might say things that you will never say in normal condition.
  • You must also try not to leave your home or at least your bedroom during your periods. Socializing with other people during periods is a really bad idea when you are constantly in bad mood. Another thing that most of the women feel during periods is that nobody takes care of them so it’s best to stay in bed.
  • Most of the women tend to jump under the shower when they feel burdened during the periods. General conception is that taking a shower during the periods makes your body relaxed and increases your blood flow. But most of the women have complained that having a shower during the periods increased their menstrual cramps so try to avoid shower in this condition. Instead you can drink some wine or enjoy a cup of coffee.

Apart from all the above mentioned points, menstruating women must try to avoid as much physical work as possible and try to relax during these days.

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