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Beauty Tips For Teens To Look Like Celebrities

Are you a teen and facing several abrupt physical and mental changing? Mental changing can easily be hidden, but the changing you are facing with your face is clear from the look. Teens are self-conscious and what to be in the perfect form.

Most common problem, which every teen faces, is acne. The first impression is the last impression so here are beauty tips for teens to make their appearance impressive and presentable just like celebrities.

  • Acne

Drink a lot of water and avoid oily foods as they elevate the temperature of your body, resulting in an outburst of pimples on your face. So, control your unhealthy eating habits. Slice cucumber and place it on your eyes as it will absorb a lot of heat. In addition, do not poke the pimple. It will leave spots.

Beauty Tips For Teens

  • Avoid too much makeup

Usually girls find makeup to be their friend in hiding their spots on the face. However, unintentionally they are doing more harm to their skin. Let the pimples appear freely. Do not use thick layers of foundation just to even your skin and hide those ugly pimples. This will hide your natural beauty and damage your sensitive skin.

Avoid too much makeup

  • Use concealer

It is better to use concealer for hiding pimples than the foundation. In addition, do not ever rub the concealer with your fingers as this rubbing also causes heat producing more pimples. Always tap the concealer and spread it out with a sponge.


  • Balancing eyes and lips

Never over do the makeup because it will snatch your natural beauty of teenage giving you sharp and cunning look. It is attractive to use just light lining along the lashes with little mascara. Do not coat layers of eyeshades and heavy eyeliner.

light gloss on the lips

Apply light gloss on the lips. Prefer to use light colours for the lips. Do not use dark lip liners or darker than the gloss. If you like heavy eye makeup, then go for a nude lip gloss.

  • Skin care

Makeup is just for the time being a friend, as long as you apply makeup, it can hide your face problem areas temporarily. What if you wash your face and your pimples are still there? It is preferred to go for natural remedies for acne. Spray rose water on the face and hands. It will keep your skin fresh and smooth. Milk is the best moisturizer. Get soak cotton pieces in the milk and gently rub them across your face. It will remove the dust, leaving the skin moisturized.

soak cotton pieces in the milk

  • Lips care

If your lips get dry more often and the skin peels off. This is so irritating and itching. It is simple but useful tip to apply Vaseline to keep your lips silky and wet. Glycerine and honey are also the best option for this.

Lips care

  • Sunscreen

In the teen age as your feelings are so sensitive and delicate, so as your skin. Whenever you go out for a long time always apply sunscreen otherwise ultraviolet rays from the sun can give you unwanted sunburns, wrinkles and patches which really affects your beauty.


  • Hair care

Shampoo your hair and towel dries it. Apply conditioner; it will give the shiny and healthy effect to the hair. Once in a week oil your hair to make them strong from the root, so that they are no more brittle.

Hair care

Above all beauty tips, inner beauty has no match. Keep smiling and stay active.

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