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Blood Pressure in Pregnancy: Causes & Preventions

When the pressure of the blood in veins increases than the normal pressure, this disease is referred as the high blood pressure or hypertension. We all know that high blood pressure leads to the threat of heart attacks and strokes. For pregnant women it is very important to visit the doctor for the perinatal check-up and check blood pressure at regular basis. If the figure exceeds 140/90 mm of Hg, it can make complications for pregnant women.

Here we shall discuss how important is maintaining blood pressure in pregnancy.

Why Blood pressure increases during Pregnancy?

  • Smoking

Smoking is injurious to everyone equally, but for pregnant women, smoking can also be a reason for high blood pressure.

blood pressure in pregnancy

  • Obese

High blood pressure is common in Overweight pregnant women. If you lose weight before getting pregnant, you have more chances of safe pregnancy.


  • Salt intake

Use of too much salt in your meal is also a reason to boost up the blood pressure.

  • Genetics

Disease of high blood pressure transfers from generation to generation through genes. Family background of high blood pressure can also be a reason behind it.

  • Having Twin babies

If the ultrasound result shows that women are carrying more than one baby, there is a high risk of high blood pressure.

  • Age factor

Pregnant women under 20 and above 40 years old have more chances of high blood pressure.

Effects of blood pressure in pregnancy:

  • Pre-eclampsia

High blood pressure and protein in the urine is the reason of pre-eclampsia. This causes the unusual formation of blood vessels in the placenta so the amount of blood provided to your baby is affected which is harmful for the baby.

Pre-eclampsia contracts the blood vessels, hence blood pressure is increased and blood flow is reduced. So reduced blood flow affects the body parts of pregnant women like kidney, liver and brain.


  • Premature delivery

Baby’s birth before the expected time, usually 37 weeks of pregnancy is known as premature birth. Doctors conduct C- section to avoid complications that may happen to the mother and the baby later due to high blood pressure.

  • Underweight babies

Due to high blood pressure, vessels become narrow, making it difficult to grow for babies, in the womb by limiting the oxygen supply and nutrients. Baby may have low birth weight even less than 5 pounds.

  • Placenta problems

Due to high blood pressure, the blood supply to your placenta is decreased. Your baby cannot get enough oxygen and nutrients hence causing problems in breathing for the baby.

Placenta problems

Pre-eclampsia raises the threat of placental abruption. Because of this, the placenta splits up from the inner barrier of the uterus. It results in severe bleeding and the placenta is damaged. This condition is risky for you and your baby.


  • Pregnant women must quit smoking even passive (inhaling the smoke exhausted by active smokers) smoking is dangerous for the growth of under developing baby.
  • Pregnant women should limit the use of salts in your daily meal. Try to eat healthy food and avoid oily foods.
  • Pregnant women should walk at low pace after consulting doctors.
  • Take the medicine prescribed by the doctors without any delay and get yourself well diagnosed and well treated on regular bases.
  • Take your medicine during labor pain to lessen the blood pressure at a normal level, if you are hoping for a natural vaginal birth. Otherwise, doctors have to perform C-section surgery in the emergency.

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