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Breast Cancer Warning Signs And Curing Process!

With the increase in use of inorganic and artificial products our health rate has rolled down drastically, especially women. Nowadays, the most common disease found in women is cancer. The most common type of cancer that affects women is the breast cancer. One in ten women is diagnosed with this cancer. It develops in the breast cells. Usually, it is found within the mammary glands which can spread the tumor if it is malignant. There are two kinds of breast cancer: Lobular carcinoma (develops in lobules) and Ductal carcinoma (develops in ducts).

Breast cancer can be caused by several reasons. Number one is the age factor. Most women diagnosed with the cancer are usually above 40-45 years of age. Some other reasons include improper eating habits, lifestyle, genetic history, injury, estrogen exposure, obesity, exposure to radiation, alcohol consumption, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), artificial breast implants or cosmetic surgery. Women with artificial breast implants had a 25% higher rate of developing cancer than the women without any cosmetic breast implants.

Some of the early breast cancer warning signs can be caught if there is any presence of lumps in the breast, unusual pain in armpits or breast, redness of skin, rash or swelling on the skin, thickened tissues of the breast, an unusual discharge from breast in some cases blood and change in the shape or size of breast.

breast cancer warning signs

As they say that ‘Precaution is always better than cure,’ there are some ways to determine early stages of cancer that can help in recovering easily without any complications.

Some diagnosis techniques include:

  • Blood Tests: There are simple blood tests that can help in predicting any chances if a women might develop breast cancer.
  • Zinc Test: A new test is under developing process. A theory is proposed that if we measure the zinc isotopes, they might come in handy in detecting breast cancer by their change in quantity.
  • MRI: MRI, also known as Magnetic Resonance Imaging, scans can help predicting the development of cancer in women.
  • Mammography: Till now mammography has proved to be the most sure short way to detect cancer of breast.
  • Self-Examination: The easiest and the cheapest way to detect any symptoms of cancer are self-examination. You can take guidelines from your health expert in this regard.

Even though there are ways to detect cancer none of them have proven to be effective at very early stages. Like in case of artificial breast implants the mammograms weren’t hundred percent right because the artificial implants placed shadows thus the experts were unable to detect cancer until cancer moved onto advanced stages.

breast cancer

It is suggested by medical experts that cancer is not a lethal disease until and unless it advances to later stages where sometimes the treatment becomes very painful or may even result in death. So, it is their humble request to keep a check on your body regularly. Your body always tries to tell you if something is wrong. Don’t ignore because your ignorance can lead to your death.

Cancer awareness is very important. There is nothing to shy about it in fact it is your basic right to know about your body and save yourself.

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