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Breast Exercises For Women That Lead To An Ideal Size

Comprehensive breast exercises for women can develop the muscles in the chest to help support and maintain good looking perkier breasts top. Doing exercise, three times a week, you can make your physique in just one month with a clear difference. For all your body, even better results and a more significant change, make sure you do not ignore your lower body or core, make sure you wear a good sports bra then by a proper cardio or aerobics you can strengthen your breast muscles very well.

Breast exercises:

  • Push-ups

Lie down into a push up position, but do not bend on the ground, make a rounded motion, bend down to opposite wrist, then the other, before you push back to the starting position. Repetitive motion, this time will be in the opposite direction.


  • Ventral raise

Bent over abdominal lift and squeeze – bending, keeping your back flat, and raise your arms extended to the ear level. Bend the elbows so that  your hands go near your ears, stretching arms back out, and then start it again only to come down, to the ground.

Ventral raise

  • Planks

Keeping a board position, body in a straight posture, and the weight in the forearm and toes. Pushing through the toes makes your body move forward, then back in to let your heels go again directly on your toes.


  • Plank push ups

Start the push up with one hand and enter a full push up position and repeat. Do 12 repetitions, then switch to the other hand and do 12 reps again you can lift up your breast easily and quickly by doing this half push up exercise.

Plank push ups

How to lift the breasts naturally?

  • Make the above described work out a regular part of your routine and it will bring a prominent difference to your breasts.
  • Try to lessen any fluctuations in your weight. Weight fluctuations affect your breasts making the muscles lose. Do never go on a crash diet. If you are trying to lose weight, lose it at a slow speed (2-3 pounds per week), in order to avoid any harmful side effects to your breast.
  • You must wear a good sports bra, especially while doing high-impact exercises. Wearing a good quality bra also helps to prevent breasts from sagging.
  • Go on to a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables it will keep your body hydrated and free of toxins keeping your breast muscles tightened.
  • While you are doing some kind of work out never forget to warm up your body before work out and cool down your body after work out and you will see the significant results afterwards.

breast exercises for women

According to the estimate, the above suggested exercises will burn 4-6 calories per minute. And if you go on high impact exercises along with a healthy diet schedule you can get even better results quickly.

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