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BUMP: Create A Bond With Your Unborn Child – BUMP Helps Dads To Develop A Bond With Their Babies During Pregnancy

BUMP: Create A Bond With Your Unborn Child, Coming into contact with your child before its birth is one of the most beautiful blessings on earth. Mothers tend to enjoy a great time of sharing a bond with their unborn babies but fathers don’t get the privilege to bond with their babies. Nowadays the trend of surrogacy is also on the rise. Gay and normal couples prefer to hire the services of surrogate women for the birth of their babies. But again the issue of bonding was there. How could a couple opting for surrogacy could bond with their baby? Now this issue has been resolved in a very simple method with the help of a device called BUMP.

Bump device

In the past, science has presented solutions to many issues and by presenting this device science has opened a new chapter of advancement in the field of parenting.


If you don’t feel that this device might be important for your baby then you must keep in mind that pre-birth bonding holds a great importance for the future well-being of your baby. If your baby shares a close connection with both of its parents before the birth then it will lead a confident and fear-less life in the future. Babies unable to bond with their parents before birth tend to lead a stressed and complexed life.

BUMP: Create A Bond With Your Unborn Child

By the invention of BUMP, bonding with your baby has become the easiest and simplest thing ever. This easy-to-wear device works in a very effective manner by communicating the heart beat of parents to their unborn babies upon their single touch. Scientists have invented this device while keeping in the mind the idea of how unborn babies remember all the sounds that they hear inside the womb. A baby recognizes the heart beat of its mother while being inside the womb and remembers it even after the birth.

BUMP: Create A Bond With Your Unborn Child

The rhythm of every person’s heartbeat is unique from the other person. So if a father is trying to bond with its unborn baby then the baby will get used to its father’s special heart beat. All the father will need to do is to place his hand on the mother’s pregnant belly. This light-weighted device is attached on the top of mother’s pregnant belly.

BUMP: Create A Bond With Your Unborn Child

BUMP contains many amazing features including:

  • Strong Sensors-Through these sensors, BUMP picks up and communicates the heart beat inside the womb.
  • Bond indicator-Another great feature of BUMP is the blue colored bond indicator that indicates the presence of bond between the parents and their unborn baby.
  • Thermo-electrically generated- This device is activated with the help of bodily heat.
  • Collagen-This feature of BUMP is very beneficial for those expectant mothers who remain conscious about the stretch marks throughout their pregnancy. BUMP beats the appearance of stretch marks with the help of protein flushing out from the tiny pores on its surface.
  • Easy-to-attach-This device is adhesive. Means it can easily be applied on the belly and can easily be removed whenever the mother wants it to.

BUMP: Create A Bond With Your Unborn Child

BUMP is something that is designed to make the duration of pregnancy extremely special and memorable, not only for the mothers but also for the fathers.


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