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Cancer Causing Food Products That Trigger Cancer Cells

Recent research has revealed that bad eating habits are the main cause behind the triggering of cancer cells. Scientists have also stated that more and more human beings are becoming victim to cancer due to the common use of 16 food items in their normal routine. Below are mentioned the details about 16 of the cancer causing food products that you should avoid at all costs.

  • Food products that contain high amount of salt trigger the cells for colorectal cancer. The food items such as sausages, salami, bacon and all sorts of pickled food items are included in the list of cancer-triggering food products. Eating pickled food products also trigger stomach cancer.
  • If you are using food products containing “diet” label then you must instantly stop using such food items. All the diet food products or food items containing low-sugar or low-fat are also known as high level cancer-triggers. These food products include frozen food items or diet beverages. These diet beverages usually contain artificial sweeteners that are really very dangerous for the health. Drinking these diet beverages during pregnancy also holds very negative impact on the fetus. These artificial sweeteners not only cause cancer but they also have negative impact on cardiovascular system.
  • If you are trying to have a baby and you love to eat microwave popcorn then you must instantly eliminate this food product from your life. Not only is microwave popcorn linked to cancer but it also causes infertility. The inner side of the microwave popcorn packets is coated with perfluorooctanoic acid. PFOA or perfluorooctanoic acid is the toxic chemical that is also found inside Teflon.

cancer causing food products

  • Don’t ever dare to go for the non-organic fruits because these fruits are also coated with highly dangerous pesticides and using them can easily result in reproductive system cancer. The pesticides used on these fruits include organophosphates, atrazine, nitrogen fertilizers and thiodicarb.
  • Potato chips are a total no no for obese people. Besides increasing weight at an alarming speed, potato chips are pave way for cancer. Potato chips are high in fat, calories, and cholesterol due to which they can cause serious type of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Alcohol is one of the leading triggers of cancer cells. Although doctors suggest taking a little amount of alcohol every now or then is very beneficial for a healthy heart but over-drinking is very dangerous.
  • Although all food items that are available in canned form are very dangerous for our health but if you use canned tomatoes then you must instantly stop using them. The internal lining of the cans is coated with bisphenol-A which is a very dangerous chemical. Due to elevated levels of acidity in tomatoes, the bisphenol-A melts off the can-lining and enter the tomatoes.
  • If you love to go for processed meat then you must instantly break-off with this love of yours because processed meat contains preservatives and chemicals that trigger cancer.
  • Farmed salmon is another cancer triggering food product because it contains pesticides, chemicals, and antibiotics.
  • Apart from the above mentioned food products artificial sweeteners, GMO foods, processed white flours, Hydrogenated oils, refined sugar, soda and red meat are also the food products that trigger the cancer cells in our body.

cancer causing food products

 Eliminating these food items from our life is not an easy task, but in order to protect our lives from the curse of cancer we must try to avoid using these food products.

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