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Do’s And Don’ts During Menstruation!

Menstruation is a routine thing for every girl or woman. But this routine thing turns out to be very complicated and painful for some of the girls. There are also a huge number of girls that remain normal during the periods. If you have painful periods then you can turn …

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Seven Common Symptoms Of Vitamin B12 Deficiency!

If you are facing some of the mysterious health issues and still you are confused regarding your condition then there is a possibility that you might be suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency. Seven common symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency are mentioned below, if you face all or some of these …

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5 Commonly Asked Questions About Periods!

Periods are not an easy duration for any woman. Whenever any woman passes through her menstrual cycle, she experiences a lot of changes. Sometimes these changes are associated with hormonal changes in the body but sometime these changes are associated with the psychological condition of a woman. There are many …

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Miraculous Health Benefits Of Baking Soda!

Baking soda is a very famous household object. Most of the women use it for cooking purposes but very few know that baking soda can also be used as a successful health remedy. Known by the scientific name of sodium bicarbonate, baking soda has been used as a natural health …

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Effective Ways To Reduce Tummy After C-Section?

A c-section is performed when any sort of complication has occurred during the normal delivery or when there is a threat to the life of mother or baby. Although c-section is a life saving procedure but this procedure carries a lot of drawbacks with it. After the c-section, the mother …

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10 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Water Daily

  Water is the most necessary thing for a human being. Water not only boosts the body system but it also provides energy to out body other than satisfying human thirst. No other drink can take the place of fresh drinking water. Drinking water on empty stomach is also very …

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3 Natural Beauty Tips For Hands Care

Every person wants his/her hands to look like the most beautiful and delicate hands on earth. Women all around the world try hard to follow different beauty tips or get famous beauty treatments to get alluring and soft hands. But the issue is that all of these beauty procedures are …

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Kegel Exercises For Women: Do Not Do While Urinating

By doing kegel exercises your pelvic floor muscles which include bladder, rectum and small intestine can be strengthened. Kegel exercises for women are needed basically during pregnancy, before or after child birth. These exercises are also recommended by the doctor if you have undergone some surgery, aging and due to …

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Straight Hair Without Using Heat

This is the technique which you can try it at home. It did not contain any heating process or any hair straightening product. This is a simple but lengthy process, so, please do not discourage yourself if do not get it first time perfectly. It will not harm your hair …

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