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Healthy Philippine Lent Recipes for the Lenten Season

In the Lenten season, Christians observe fast and abstinence and they love to make their special lent recipes most probably Healthy Philippine Lent Recipes. Lent is a forty days season that leads to the Christmas. During the Lenten season, Christians practice self-denial; they attend the prayers and observe fast. So …

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How To Make Egg Burger In 12 Minutes?

Here is a secret and short recipe for Egg burger, learn how to make Egg Burger in 12 minutes. Ingredients Beef/chicken Mince (Add salt & Pepper) 1 Egg Method All you need is to make a round shape beef patty, then make it in the donut shape with the help of …

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12 Benefits Of Drinking Milk Daily

Most of the people don’t like to drink milk; instead they like to drink coffee and beverages. People are also of the opinion that drinking milk might also increase your body weight but the thing that most of the people don’t know is that drinking milk possesses a lot of …

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How To Soften The Hard Butter In Minutes

Learn how to soften butter with cup, If you are obsessed with butter, the margarine will be just a tasteless imitation for you. soften butter with cup, Both don’t even taste the same. But one thing that the margarine has is the spread-ability. Take it out of the fridge in the …

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Learn How To Poach Multiple Eggs At Once

These poached eggs are truly magical. I really love them, do you? You can even eat them with salads, like I do. The most favorite salad that I make includes romaine lettuce, seasoned roasted veggies, hot from the oven, with two poached eggs. You can also shave a little Parmesan …

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How To Make Strawberry Shortcake At Home

Have you ever tasted the strawberry shortcakes at the strawberry festival that happens every year in Pennsylvania? Well, most of us haven’t got the chance to go there. In fact most of the people don’t even know about the festival. So, today you’ll be learning how you can make strawberry …

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How To Make McFlurry Oreo At Home?

Have you ever thought the McFlurry Oreo that you buy from McDonalds, you can actually make oreo mcflurry recipe at home in a few minutes? I can bet your answer will be no.  Well, here it is the best and the easiest way to make oreo mcflurry recipe at home in …

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How To Make An Easy Crockpot BBQ Chicken

For making a delicious crockpot chicken recipe you need the following ingredients.  1.Crockpot   2. BBQ sauce 3. Boneless Chicken METHOD So, let’s start cooking! Follow the steps below to make the most delicious BBQ chicken crockpot. Open the crockpot and put the chicken in. You can add any amount …

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How To Make Banana Bread Recipe At Home

Baking at home has always been the most interesting thing for most of the women including me. There have been a lot of recipes people like to cook/bake at home. Besides that, going to any hotel, ordering items that you can’t cook /bake at home, can cost you a lot. …

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Recipe For Low Carb High Protein Healthy Tacos

The recipe which I’m going to share today with you guys is the “High Protein Healthy Tacos”. Why Cauliflower? Because it greatly reduces the amount of carbs in each taco shell. INGREDIENTS All you need are only two ingredients; Egg white Cauliflower METHOD So, let’s start making the low carb …

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WATCH: How To Make Dump Cake At Home?

Making these delicious dump cakes at home is incredibly easy. All you need is to follow the step below. First of all, add the crushed pineapples in a dish and smooth out. Add cherry fillings on the top of crushed pineapples. Sprinkle the cake mix on the top of the …

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8 Best Fat Burning & Detox Drinks!

Looks like you need a scrub from the inside, it’s time to do it NOW. Because, increasing the exposure to the chemicals in the body can result in some serious health issues.Doing detox is similar to pressing the reset button of your body. It sparks your body metabolism, burning redundant …

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How To Make An All American Pizza Crust?

Although pizza basically originated in Italy but all American pizza crust basically belongs to native America. The specialty of American pizza is that it contains vegetable and/or olive oil while the Italian chefs don’t use these oils in their pizzas. All American pizza is one of the most demanded and …

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