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How To Get Septum Piercing?

The punky look is quite “in” these days. Everybody loves to have some body parts pierced so he/she can reveal their wild side to the world. You don’t need to get a tattoo or have your entire body pierced if you want to reveal the wild side, you can also …

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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Sore In Corner Of Mouth

These cold sores are also known as Angular Cheilitis. The main causes of sore in corner of mouth includes; Age. Deficiency of vitamin B2, iron and zinc. Poor hygiene. Allergic reaction to lipstick and toothpaste. Yeast infection. Anemia caused due to iron deficiency. Strep and/or staph infection. And the symptoms …

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How To get Rid Of Red Ring Around Lips?

This Perioral dermatitis is an inflammatory disorder of your skin that appears as red ring around lips. It can be seen on the women who uses multiple cosmetic products. Mostly the moisturizers and sunscreens. To get rid of the red rings around the lips! Use a gel formulation or a clear …

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How To Make Mini Galvanized Tub For Cold Drinks?

The galvanized tub and its parts always add a charm to any outdoor picnic. And in this blog, the DIY blogger Stephanie has not purely saved the time of people but has also saved the money of people. She said that; “I love the look of a galvanized tub full …

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WATCH: How To Make Dump Cake At Home?

Making these delicious dump cakes at home is incredibly easy. All you need is to follow the step below. First of all, add the crushed pineapples in a dish and smooth out. Add cherry fillings on the top of crushed pineapples. Sprinkle the cake mix on the top of the …

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How To Remove GROSS Pit Stains?

How To Remove GROSS Pit Stains? We all know that there is nothing more attractive than a plain white t-shirt. What do you think? I guess, your answer would also be the same. This cloth fits you the best in your daily life activities. If you are like me? You …

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How To Make A Comfortable CinderBlock Bench?

Well, here you are! You can easily make a bench with the help of cinder blocks. All you need is the following things; Cinder block. Plastic tarp. Soil. Cement glue. Gardening gloves. Spray paint. Gardening tools. Potted plants and flowers. Cushions and accessories. Extra help. Just follow the steps below; …

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How To Lose Face Fat And Chubby Cheeks?

Every woman is very possessive about the look of her face and body. None of the women want to look fat or possess chubby face. If you suffer from the similar issue and think that how to lose face fat and chubby cheeks then by following these four simple steps you …

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How To Maintain A Healthy Diet And lose weight?

Leading a healthy life is one of the most difficult things in today’s age due to extremely hectic routine lifestyles. Almost every second man or woman is leading an unhealthy lifestyle. The ratio of women leading unhealthy life is higher in comparison to men because due to their domestic responsibilities …

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How To Do A French Braid?

French braid is the style of the hair which never runs out of the fashion industry. Women are always interested in making the French braid hair style whether they have long or shoulder cut hair length. You can also learn how to do a french braid by yourself with the …

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How To Make An All American Pizza Crust?

Although pizza basically originated in Italy but all American pizza crust basically belongs to native America. The specialty of American pizza is that it contains vegetable and/or olive oil while the Italian chefs don’t use these oils in their pizzas. All American pizza is one of the most demanded and …

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