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Chipotle Mexican Grill Reopened For Public After Getting Clear Signal From Health Officials

Last days a controversy materialized regarding the Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant that made more than 136 college students of Boston fall sick.  Due to this controversy, the restaurant was closed on the starting dates of December but now according to the latest news the restaurant is again open to the public.

Chipotle Mexican Grill is the fast food chain that was closed down due to a great controversy and suspections were that the restaurant food was contaminated. Due to college students’ controversy, this fast food restaurant had to undergo an inspection from the food authorities. Recently the health officials claimed that those college students fell ill due to the epidemic of norovirus but the food was not the cause behind the outbreak of that virus. In fact a sick employee became the source of this virus in the restaurant.

WCVB-TV, that is the affiliate of ABC News, declared that the Chipotle Branch of this food chain passed the inspection that was held last week and was scheduled for re-opening right after the inspection. But a minor incident of water-leakage caused it to delay the date of reopening and now the restaurant is opening again this weekend.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Restaurants closure added further to the declining reputation of Chipotle as the reputation was previously damaged by the E. coli outbreak. The previous E. coli outbreak was rumored to be caused by the Mexican food restaurants but it’s not in any way related to the norovirus outbreak.

According to the recent reports from WCVB-TV the passersby of Boston are still doubtful about the quality of the food so they showed hesitant attitude towards the restaurant. Still little amount of customers did purchased food from the restaurant when it reopened on the weekend. WCVB-TV when asked a woman the reason why she approached the restaurant again after the reopening, she claimed that the food is cleaner than before and the hygienic conditions have improved.

Not only, the old customers were returning to food outlet but even a Boston official who took part in the inspection also rushed to get a bite from the famous food outlet after the reopening.

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