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Concerns About How Accurate Is A Pregnancy Test

Getting a urine pregnancy test once you experience the initial symptoms of pregnancy is becoming more of a common understanding these days. Still the question is raised on the accuracy of the urine pregnancy test strips as most of the doctors don’t consider it to be a reliable form of pregnancy testing. There are a large number of women who have received false pregnancy test results when they tested for the urine pregnancy test. So the big question that how accurate is a pregnancy test has been confusing millions of women for decades. Is the pregnancy test really accurate enough to be reliable or not? Can it really reveal the true situation of pregnancy or not? Below mentioned facts are going to help you in determining the accuracy of pregnancy test.

How does a pregnancy test activate?

Pregnancy test determines the pregnancy by keeping a track record of the elevating pregnancy hormones in the body. After the conception when placenta is formed, it releases certain pregnancy hormones known as hCG in your body. When you take a pregnancy test at home, you tend to dip the strip in the urine sample. When the placenta produces the pregnancy hormones, these hormones tend to circulate the body and make other pregnancy related changes by entering the blood and urine. If you test for urine or blood, your test results might come out positive due to the elevating levels of hCG in the body.

How Accurate Is A Pregnancy Test

Most of the women complain that when they first took the urine pregnancy test, it came out negative but after a few days it was positive so it might not be accurate. The important point that needs to be kept in mind is that accuracy of a urine pregnancy test depends on the time when we take the test. Proper test administration guidelines are mentioned on the package on the test and if those guidelines are not followed then the chances are that we are never going to get accurate results.

If you are experiencing the pregnancy symptoms along with the missed periods then you must wait for at least four to five days after the date of your missed periods before taking the test. The thing that most of the pregnant women don’t understand is that despite conception, hCG hormone takes a few days to enter urine and blood in the elevated ratio. Even the most sensitive of the urine pregnancy test can only detect the pregnancy in an accurate way if the hCG hormones have reached a certain level in the urine otherwise it will reveal negative results.

Pregnancy Test

This hCG hormone increases with every passing day so if you suspect you are pregnant and you are planning on taking a pregnancy test then you must administer this test at least five days or a week after the date of your missed periods.  The more you wait, the more you will get accurate results.  If you want to get accurate results at the first try then you must test the urine first thing in the morning because hCG levels are boosting at their peak in the morning.

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