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Detox Water Recipe – Natural Belly Slimming!

If you feel ashamed due to your bulging belly then this detox water recipe is going show miraculous effects on your body just with the use of one week. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of this special detox water in order to reach your required goal. After reading about 8 glasses a day, most of the people think that it’s impossible to drink this much water but once you taste this water, you will fall in love with it because this flavored water is totally yummy.


  • Orange slices…………………..one or two
  • Mint leaves………………………three
  • Lemon slices……………………two
  • Cucumber slices……………..two
  • Cold refrigerated water….24 fl oz

Why do we need these ingredients?

Due to their richness in vitamin C, oranges are really great for cutting fats from the body. The addition of cucumber in this drink will provide it with a spectacularly fresh taste and a milky-like appearance. Cucumber is the best ingredient when it comes to losing weight because it detoxes the body from all the toxins; prevents it from bloating and water retention. Next come the mint leaves because mint possesses magical properties that soothes all the stomach cramps and resolves all the digestive issues.


You need to cut the cucumber, oranges and lemon in paper-thin slices. Take out the filter from the infusion bottle and stuff all these items inside the filter. Don’t leave these ingredients inside the filter for more than 24 hours. Add the water and put it in the fridge. Let these items settle in the water for one night. Drink it all the next day.



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