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DIY Wedding Makeup Tips For Brides

There is nothing more exciting than doing makeup of yourself at your wedding ceremony. It is a great idea because it is economical, as you do not need to hire a beautician. Nobody knows your face structure better than you do. If you are thinking about doing your make up on your wedding, start trying and testing different products and makeup tips few months before your special day. Following diy wedding makeup tips will surely help you out.

black wedding dress

  • Exfoliation

A steady and kind exfoliation with scrub helps to remove dust and dead skin from the face, ultimately complexion become livelier. This smooth tone is the best surface to start makeup. Soft scrubbing regularly gives the ideal results.

diy wedding makeup tips

  • Primer

A primer is a necessary step as it supports makeup to hold for a long time especially around the problem regions. After moisturizing the face,  a layer of primer is applied for enlightenment. Silicon base is best to apply just prior to foundation and concealer.


  • Foundation

Do not trust foundations containing SPF, because they cannot bear high flashlight photography. To look glamorous in the photo-shoot, go for the silicon base than the oily base because the silicon base is flash friendly. It will last longer till the end of the day.


  • Concealer

Select the best quality concealer, which is brighter than your skin color. Otherwise, it will make your pictures dull and   boring. It may create patches on your face, which will be more obvious in the pictures. Use a yellow powder over the concealer to enlighten the pictures.


  • Eye shadow

There is no limit for bridal makeup and especially for eye makeup. Just choose the right color matching your skin tone. Powdered eye shades are adhesive and stick for a long time as compared to cream formulations. Do not go for the harsh colored eye shadows because they give unattractive and unappealing look in the pictures. Prefer to use soft and mild colors.

eye shadow

  • Eyeliner

Avoid using liquid liners and prefer using gel, pencil or moist eye shadow powder for outlining the eyes to enhance the thickness of your lashes. Apply eyeliner close to your eyelashes and blend it well for a clean look.

eye liner

  • Mascara

Use eyelash curler on dry lashes and then apply black or brown mascara to increase the volume of your lashes. Place artificial lashes over the real one, this will enhance the beauty making you more glamorous and attractive.


  • Cheeks

Blush gives you a different look to your beauty if done correctly. Add some pink and peach silicon blush. Apply a little bit more blush than commonly to make the face prominent.


  • Lips

Apply deeper lipstick than your natural colour of the lips. Avoid getting lips dry, moisturize them, and then coat a warmer shade of lipstick. To make your lips the best part of your face, shimmer it slightly because it will last for a long time.


  • Body shimmers

This is the last but the most important step. It gives the finishing touch to the bride. Shine on the neck and face, even on the shoulders, make the bride graceful and spread the glowing essence when the photography flashlight hits the shiny particles.

Body shimmers

Wedding is the most special event of the life. Make it memorable by doing the flawless makeup by yourself, which will be reflected in your photo-shoot.

black wedding dress

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