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Do You Know About Sharp Pain During Pregnancy?

Not every discomfort or pain that pregnant women used to feel in the abdominal section is a sign that something is seriously wrong with the pregnancy. Pain is not a sign of a problem with the pregnancy. Still the biggest concern of pregnancy pain is that the pain is caused from the ligaments that hold the uterus. Then a sudden sharp pain during pregnancy comes, and it is usually of short duration that appears in the lower abdomen, sometimes deep in the groin.

How the pain spreads?

It appears unexpectedly when changing position, standing up, coughing, lying down or getting out of bed, etc. Her appearance is frequent in the late second quarter and a sign that the ligaments that hold the uterus in the pelvis are extended and collected in order to withstand greater weight. A woman needs to learn how to recognize the causes of these pains which are usually short-lived and do not have strong momentum. However, if there is prolonged pain or it becomes intolerable, then is mandatory to ask for a medical examination.

sharp pain during pregnancy

The baby is safe:

During intercourse pregnant women, especially during and after the experience orgasm may feel stomach cramps. They cause a sharp but short-term pain that stems from tightness and release the muscles in your abdominal part. In the case the pain is not a sign that inflicted some roam the baby, it is completely wrong. The pains that are due to gas and bloating in the abdomen are also transient and not a sign of a serious problem. General feeling of discomfort and pain throughout the entire stomach is caused by hormonal changes that slow down digestion and because of the pressure that the uterus that grows makes the intestines and stomach.

pregnancy pain

Pain during pregnancy uterine strength:

Aching pain in the lower abdomen during pregnancy does not always indicate the presence of a patology. The occurrence of such pain can be due to hormonal changes in the growth and development of the baby in the womb .The pain is not a danger if it is not intense and it does not last long. But in the case of strong cramps pain you should immediately contact your health care provider, due to the fact that these symptoms may indicate the likelihood of a threat of miscarriage.

As a rule, at different stages of pregnancy causes of pain are different. In initial time, interesting position of women in pain occur due to stretch and gradually moving the uterus. So, most expectant mothers during this period are experiencing tingling and strength in the abdomen. The second trimester of pregnancy should take place peacefully, as the abdominal muscles are too extended. Sometimes, during this outbreak there may be small dull pain. But if you have painful cramps and permanent character, in this case, you must consult your doctor immediately because this could mean a threat of miscarriage. In the third trimester of pregnancy the uterus is so stretched because of growing baby, which begins to push other internal organs.

Taka significantly changing the intestine and thus, this period may be accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the area of ​​stomach.

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