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Do’s And Don’ts During Menstruation!

Menstruation is a routine thing for every girl or woman. But this routine thing turns out to be very complicated and painful for some of the girls. There are also a huge number of girls that remain normal during the periods. If you have painful periods then you can turn them into painless and easy periods by following this list of do’s and don’ts during menstruation.

do's and don'ts during menstruation

Before moving on further, you must understand that every woman has individual gynecological system so the menstrual cycle of each woman differs from the other. Every woman wants to have normal and silent periods, here are a few guidelines regarding the things that you should be kept in mind during those painful days.

Do’s and Don’ts during periods


Yup sex is the number one thing that should be avoided during the periods. Although sex seems like the most desirable thing during the periods but according to the recent research, defenses are quite low during the periods so you can receive or transfer germs very easily during this phase. In order to protect yourself from any bacterial attack its best to avoid intercourse during this time.

Sex in periods

Never starve

You must avoid starving yourself during the periods. Girl you are losing blood! so you need to keep your energy levels high. Take proper meals at their time and try to eat as much energetic food as you can. It’s best to eat organic food items and avoid fatty items.

Never starve in periods

Don’t do heavy physical job

It’s best to avoid any sort of heavy physical work during the periods. Heavy physical work might lead you to experience serious sort of belly pain or back pain.

Don’t do heavy physical job in periods

Avoid hectic routine

Although girls especially married women are never able to find any sort of relaxation during the periods but one do need some rest in this condition. Try to get as much rest possible if you are having painful periods in order to avoid further complications.

Avoid hectic routine in periods

Don’t eat cucumber

Cucumber contains the liquid that retains inside the uterus during the periods and can cause complications to the flow of menstruation. It’s best to avoid cucumber during the periods.

Don’t eat cucumber in periods

Eat chocolate

Eating chocolate is a very healthy act during menstruation. Chocolate that is rich in cacao provides a sudden boost to the serotonin levels of the body. Chocolate also helps in keeping the cravings under control. You will also get help with your mood swings with the help of chocolate.

Eat chocolate in periods

Drink water

Most of the women tend to avoid drinking water during the periods for the fear of bloating belly due to water retention. The thing that is not understood by most of the women is that drinking water helps you get rid of water retention and decreases the pain attached with blood flow.

Drink water in periods

If you drink lots of water and stay hydrated during the periods then not only your blood flow will be smooth but you will also experience less cramps.

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