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Downward Trend Noticed In The Number Of Flu Patients In Comparison To The Last Year

Flu season is a little slow in comparison to the last year; still the health department is striving hard to persuade the general public to get vaccinated for flu before the infection hits the society with its complete coercion.  Getting a shot of flu vaccine will protect the society beforehand. Health officials are of the opinion that if any person gets flu before he gets the infection, then his body will get the desired time to develop immunity against this infection.

Last year the situation was totally different as flu was noted to be at its peak in the society. Local health officials reported a high number of patients that turned-in due to flu. Due to the high number of flu patients, a small amount of flu vaccine was made available along with the emergency medical treatments.

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Jill Cairney, who is currently a marketing specialist at Sampson Regional Medical Centre claims that last year the turnover of flu patients was very high while this year in the same month very few patients turned-in at the local hospitals due to flu. “We have seen a drastic decrease in positive flu tests from last year,” stated Cairney. “Last year we saw around 412 cases for the weeks in December and this year, thus far, we have seen six.”

According to the reports of the SRMC, around 96 cases of flu were reported last year when the Christmas was just a week away. But this year the situation is totally different as not a single flu case was seen or reported in the week before or after the Christmas which is a very positive improvement.

Maegan Myers, who is an immunization nurse at the SCHD (Sampson County Health Department) claimed that they have not yet seen seem high number cases of flu as the health department tried hard to control the epidemic through the flu vaccines due to a large number of turnout in the previous year.

“I feel like this year’s flu vaccine is providing protection against the flu virus this year,” revealed Myers. “However, it is still early. We may see a spike in flu cases towards the beginning of the new year.”

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