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Do You Know The Best Way To Remove Underarm Hair At Home?

Removing underarm hair is a great issue for most of the women. In order to get the underarm hair removed, most of the women tend to visit beauty salons but the issue is that not every woman has the time to visit beauty salons on regular basis. If you are searching for the best way to remove underarm hair at home then below mentioned methods are going to resolve your hair removing issue in an easy way.

Method no.1

Sugaring is known to be the number one method of removing the underarm hair. This method includes involves a paste created from melted sugar.

best way to remove underarm hair at home

How to prepare?

You are going to need two cups of sugar cane, one-fourth cup of normal water and one-fourth cup of lemon juice. For preparation, you must all these three ingredients in a pot. You must use a pot with heavy bottom for better results. Now you must put the pot over stove with low heat. When the mixture comes to boil, you must let it simmer and then let it cook for at least twenty more minutes on low heat. When the mixture turns the color of reddish brown wine then it means that it’s ready. Now you must turn off the stove and let this mixture cool naturally.

How to apply?

Before applying this mixture, you must clean your skin with a damp cloth. You must keep care that your skin must be dry so you must also apply scent-free talcum powder on your skin. Combine first two fingers of your right hand and take out a little amount of sugaring paste. You must apply this mixture by pressing it hard on your underarms and rolling it against the growth direction of your hair.

After you have applied the mixture on your underarm, you must raise your arm in order stretch the skin of your underarm. Use your fingers to stretch off the mixture and you must stretch it in the direction of your hair growth. Repeat this procedure with the other underarm and then when you have finished you must wash the underarm with soap and water.

Method no.2

Another method involves the use of chickpea flour. Apart from hair removal, chickpea flour is also used in many other cosmetic treatments.

best way to remove underarm hair at home

How to prepare?

In order to apply the chickpea method, you need to get at least half bowl containing chickpea. Next you need to get one teaspoon of turmeric powder. You will also need one teaspoon of fresh cream and around half bowl milk. In order to prepare the mixture, you must add these ingredients in a bowl and mix them until they turn into a smooth paste.

How to apply?

The application of this paste is really simple. Take a little amount of paste on your fingers or you can also use the applicator. Apply the amount of this paste on your underarm but you must apply it in the direction of your hair growth. The paste must be applied in such a way that the hair is completely covered. Leave the paste on your underarm for at least half an hour. By the end of half hour, you will notice that the paste has dried on your underarm. You must rub the paste with your hand in the backwards direction exactly opposite from the hair growth. Wash with lukewarm water.





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