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Easy Back Pain Exercises Relieving You Instantly

In our daily lives whenever we all have to call something important for something we name it as if that specific thing whatever it maybe is the *Back bone* of the other thing. This is how the importance of a back bone can be understood. So, for a perfect health and living we must take care of our back bone. We should keep the spine straight all the time. A back bone pain can be very much intense and unbearable sometimes. So, in case you are having back pain and you are to exercise to get yourself relieved for the pain then you must be aware of the postures while doing the back pain exercises.

There are a lot of reasons behind back pain such as weight lifting, bending, and bad postures during exercising or sitting in a same single posture for a long time in front of the television or in the office.

Here are following yoga exercises that can help you giving back pain relief:

  • Bend your knees

Lie back straight on the ground and bend your knees with your ankles touching the ground. Now hold the knee of one leg and bring it back towards your chest and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds. Now bring it back slowly to the starting position and do the same with the other leg knee. Do 10 repetitions of the same exercise.

back pain exercises

  • Roll your bent knees on the floor

Lie back straight again on the ground. Bend your knees again your ankles touching the floor. Now roll or turn your knees in the same bending posture towards one side and hold the posture for 10 seconds and then bring them back to the point where you started from. Now turn the bent knees towards the other side of the ground and hold them again for 10 seconds in the same posture. Do 10 repetitions of the same exercise twice a day.

Roll your bent knees on the floor

  • Abdominal stretch exercise

Lie down on the floor on your back straight. Relax your head and shoulder and stretch your abdominal muscle and raise your hips keeping your spine in balance. Stay in the same posture as long as you can and breathe thrice deeply. Go back to the initial posture and repeat the same exercise 10 times and bring it up to 30 repetitions a week.

Abdominal stretch exercise

  • Crawl exercise

Get your body in a position that your front faces the ground and give the support of your hand and knees in a crawling posture. Now bring your abdomen towards the ground by keeping your hips and shoulders in the same posture now bring your abdomen upwards and give your back an arch as if you are lifting your abdomen up towards the ceiling. Repeat the exercise 10 times a day.

Crawl exercise

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