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Effective Pregnancy Remedies For Cold To Keep You Healthy

Passing through the phase of pregnancy seems like the biggest blessing of being a woman. If you are pregnant then definitely you might be passing through the most difficult time of your life. Pregnancy is not an easy option as you have to face many health issues during this part of your life. Taking care of your health is very crucial as mother’s health is very important for the health and well being of the future baby. If mother remains ill throughout the period of pregnancy then the chances are that you are not going to get a healthy and active baby. So if a pregnant woman faces any health issue during pregnancy then its best for her to immediately attend to that health issue otherwise chances are that it can harm the baby.Catching cold during pregnancy turns out to be very irritating for the pregnant ladies. Below are mentioned some pregnancy remedies for cold that are going to help you get rid of your cold in easy way without providing any harm to your unborn baby.

cough medicine while pregnant

How to cure cold during pregnancy?

First of all you must understand that taking too many medicines during pregnancy is not good for the health of your baby. Whenever you feel any sort of health issue then its best to go for homely remedies and if they don’t work then you should move towards medicines.

Pregnancy medicine

If you are suffering from fever then you can take mild fever reducing medicines such as paracetmol but before that you need to eliminate the reasons of fever. If its winter or you live in cold areas then you need to wear thick clothes and keep yourself warm. Some of the other helpful steps that you need to take in order to relieve yourself from cold include:

Rest In Pregnancy

  • Try hard to get as much rest as possible because being pregnant is not an easy task. If you don’t take rest then your body won’t be able to heal. So in order to get better soon you need to give rest to your pregnant body. Being in resting condition during your sickness will also make your baby relax.

cold medication while pregnant

Drinking fluids In Pregnancy

  • Next step that you should instantly take is to kill the flu, throat soreness and cold with lots of fluids. Drinking fluids is one of the best pregnancy remedies for cold that can help you in eliminating cold from your body. According to the recent research, drinking lots of fluids is more effective treatment for cold in comparison to the medicines. So if you want to get rid of flu then its best to drink lots of milk, green tea, juices, soups and tea.

Drinking Fluids In Pregnancy

Gargling In Pregnancy

  • If you are feeling pain inside your throat then you need to wash it with gargles. For gargles you need to warm up some water and add half teaspoon salt in it. Gargling with this water at night time before going to bed will prove very effective for your cold.

Gargling In Pregnancy By following the above mentioned simple pregnancy remedies for cold, you can easily beat the nasty flu.

Cough and Cold Home Remedy

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