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False Positive Pregnancy Test: The Hidden Facts

Urine pregnancy test that is administered through a pregnancy strip is not considered to be confirmed source of pregnancy testing. The issue with the strip pregnancy test is that most of the women are not able to determine the accurate time to take the pregnancy test. Most of the women tend to take it too early and get a false negative but there are also some of the women who get positive at the start but later on it turns out that they are not pregnant; this situation is known as false positive pregnancy test.

What is a false positive pregnancy test?

The strips that are used to test the pregnancy determine your pregnancy through your urine samples. These strips will check for the level of hCG in your urine. This hormone hCG will reach its peak if you are pregnant and will tend to increase with each passing day of the pregnancy. If you are experiencing the symptoms of pregnancy then you must test yourself for the pregnancy at the accurate timing. Most of the women don’t tend to understand that what time would be perfect for the pregnancy testing. If you are testing with the strip then you must check after almost seven to eight days of the pregnancy. And if you want to go for more accurate results then you must get the first urine sample of the day to check for pregnancy.

false positive pregnancy test

Most of the times women tend to get false pregnancy negative results due to the fact that they have not tested according to the instructions mentioned on the packaging of the test or they have administered the test too soon. On the other hand if you got a positive result at first but then later on you got negative then such false positive result can occur due to certain reasons including:

  • The first ever possible reason for the false pregnancy result that came out positive is the chemical pregnancy. Chemical pregnancy means that you were pregnant at the time when you administered the test but later on you had your periods. Such situation might be called as an early miscarriage. There are many women who pass through the similar situation where they experience the initial symptoms of pregnancy and get positive results when take the test but later on they miscarry the fetus. When the fetus is miscarried at such earlier stage, women might mistake it for a heavy period.
  • Sometimes it happens that a woman has suffered from miscarriage and when she administers the pregnancy test, the result shows the positive sign. Such false positive pregnancy test can occur due to the fact that hCG level stays high in the blood even many days after the miscarriage takes place.
  • Sometimes the false positive pregnancy test can occur due to the fault with the pregnancy test strip. There are chances that your pregnancy strip might have expired or you haven’t followed the instructions mentioned on the strip properly.

false positive pregnancy

Other than the above mentioned symptoms, if you have been receiving infertility treatments then your hCG level could also elevate that would reveal false positive results for the pregnancy.

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