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False Pregnancy Symptoms: A Myth Or A Reality?

Millions of women around the world crave for a pregnancy that would end with the arrival of a healthy, happy baby. But the issue is that sometimes human pregnancy faces severe complications during the first few weeks and ends with a miscarriage. Sometimes it also results in still birth or dead baby and there are also the times when a pregnancy with true pregnancy symptoms turns out to be a false pregnancy. Yup it’s true! Pregnancy can be false even with real pregnancy symptoms. You might be experiencing the false pregnancy symptoms but you will not be pregnant; such condition is known as Pseudocyesis.

Reality of false pregnancy:

False pregnancy or Pseudocyesis is the condition that although is very rare but still it’s a hardcore reality. Any woman, who falls prey to this condition might experience all or some of the pregnancy symptoms except for the presence of pregnancy itself. For instance if you are passing through this condition then you might be experiencing bloated belly, tender breasts, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, back ache, fake movements in the belly, weight gain and many other symptoms of pregnancy but still you will not be pregnant. In the past, many men have also complained about experiencing such symptoms.

false pregnancy symptoms

Reasons behind the false pregnancy:

Although the reasons behind the false pregnancy remained a mystery for many years but recently the researchers have reached the depth of the causes behind this condition. Researchers are of the opinion that psychological issues and social issues makeup way for this condition. Most of the women who have miscarried the baby more than one time, have not been able to conceive, who are passing through early menopause without giving birth to their first baby, have reached old age without getting married, or are receiving infertility treatment tend to experience the symptoms for false pregnancy.

During different situations women tend to feel the pregnancy symptoms due to which their mind implements the thought of the occurrence of pregnancy. Such women clearly and confidently believe that they are pregnant even though reality is totally the opposite. Researchers are also of the opinion that those women who have faced immense social pressure due to severe financial issues, didn’t had access to education, became victims of sexual abuse during their childhood years, or bore strained relationship with their spouses also feel such symptoms.

The most amazing point of this condition is that up till now few of the women with false pregnancy have also ended up in hospitals because they were experiencing false labor pains.

false pregnancy

How can false pregnancy be diagnosed?

False pregnancy can be diagnosed with the help of an ultrasound or pelvic examination. But for most of the doctors, an ultrasound will be sufficient. You must keep in mind that if a woman is passing through the false pregnancy then she will always get the negative results on the urine pregnancy test. If a woman is experiencing the pregnancy symptoms but the urine test is coming out negative then its best to consult the gynecologist because some physical issues other than the false pregnancy can also trigger such symptoms and its best to detect them on time.

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