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Fast Diet Plans With No Weight Loss Exercise

Fast diet plans are used when you want to lose your weight within a short span of time. It can be dangerous because we need a balanced diet all the time for the efficiency of our body organs. Studies show that all human beings if eat low calories will live long. And, more often, we succeed in lowering the calories but miss the balanced nutrient. Eating less to achieve diet fast will impair the function of metabolism.

Generally, the idea of 5:2 model is considered as one of the best for a fast diet plans. According to the idea, you intake extremely low calories not on two consecutive days and rest of 5 days of the weak, you eat normal. The broad idea behind eating food contains low calories but high nutrients for two days not consecutive, will help you not only to lose weight up to 15-20 lbs within 5 weeks but also bring improvements in glucose and cholesterol level.

The number of calories taken per day, average is 2000. If you take low on two days i.e. average 500 to 600. This means you are taking 1\4 calories and it will keep you healthy and active. It will also promote the hormones named IGF-1 i.e. its production and repair. Simply, it will heal your body aging hormones rather to produce them.

Comparatively, it has the same result as other weight lose techniques have. As study in 2010 suggested that 5:2 diet model achieved the same weight loss level as the other calories control diet has, and likely to create less chances to develop chronic diseases for example diabetes of type 2. Also, it creates less chances of developing the breast cancer.

Exercise is the best choice for fast diet plan but fatty ones don’t like to exercise. But you must take less calories and exercise daily. It will boost the process of losing the weight. For example, if you take calories upto 1500 to 1600 per day and exercise one hour, it will reduce your weight 3-5 pounds first week.

Precautions while choosing any fast diet plan:

  • Do not skip the breakfast

Do not skip the breakfast in any case. Some plans suggest that you can skip the breakfast if you want to lose your weight fast.

fast diet plans

  • Do not use any pill

Try to avoid from the weight loss pills. It does not have as much advantage as the food have. Besides proteins and vitamins, food also provides the substance that kills the toxic material generated by some other foods and vegetables.

Do not use any pill

  • Do not waste your time if it is impossible

The fast way of losing the diet is totally dependent on your current health condition. For example: how much weight you have right now? What is your current medical situation and also the history of medication if you have any? How much stress you have in your life etc?

Do not waste your time if it is impossible

And in the last but not the least, the medical history of your family? If any of these questions does not support you for fast diet plans then do not adopt the idea.

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