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FDA Puts Ban On Teens Under 18 Indoor Training

A clear cut warning was issued by the FDA (Food and drug authority of United States) stating that kids under the age of 18 must be banned from making the use of sunbeds. The FDA further required the manufacturers of sunbed to issue clear warnings and guidelines regarding the use of Sunbeds.

The details issued by the FDA regarding this warning further explain the guidelines regarding the use of Sunbeds. Any user who would like to approach sunbed would be required to sign an acknowledgement stating that he/she understands all the risks associated with the use of sunbeds. Users would be required to sign this acknowledgement before their very first experience with the sunbed and then they would be required to sign this acknowledgement almost every six months after the use. Recent U.S. statistics have declared that the number of indoor tanning victims has reached around 3000. The most disturbing thing is that all of these victims received severe injuries due to the effects of indoor tanning.

FDA Bans Indoor Training

Previously, FDA made this recommendation in the year 2013 but later on revoked the ban. But now the latest ban recommended by the FDA shifts it in league with IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer). IARC is the program initiated by the WHO to win the fight against cancer.

“Today’s action is intended to help protect young people from a known and preventable cause of skin cancer and other harms,” stated the acting commissioner of FDA Commissioner Stephen Ostroff in a press release. “Individuals under 18 are at greatest risk of the adverse health consequences of indoor tanning.”

On the other hand, the ITA ( Indoor Tanning Association) is not in favor of this ban. According to the ITA, the decision to ban a teenager from getting the indoor tan lies solely in the hands of the parents.  Governments must not be allowed to impose ban on such issues as these issues strictly involve the parental consent. If a parent does not feel any sort of issue with his kid getting an indoor tan then the kid should not be prohibited by the government.

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