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Fire Eruption In Dubai Hotel Turned Into A Serious Life Threat For Thousands Of People

New Year celebrations were being seen at their peak all around the world but in Dubai, high-rising flames were seen dancing at their peak.  Reportedly, a very famous hotel proved to be the biggest life threat to thousands of people when flames suddenly erupted inside the building.

Tonight at 9:30pm The Address Downtown hotel, which stands near the Burj Khalifa, suddenly became a living hell on earth for all the New Year eve celebrators when the fire erupted on the ground floor of the hotel. According to the recent reports revealed by the electronic media, fire spread its curse to the 40 storeys of this grand hotel after it started from the ground floor. This sudden fire eruption in dubai hotel proved to be very harmful for the lives and health of the people inside the building as almost 60 people got wounded and one of them also received a cardiac arrest while being inside the building. Not only these people suffered the physical injuries but the psychological effects of this trauma are going to last on their minds for the lifetime.

Fire Eruption In Dubai Hotel

Every year on New Year night, special fireworks demonstration is held on the roof of Burj Khalifa that attracts millions of spectators from around the world. People try to rent rooms in the surrounding buildings so they can get a good view of the fireworks celebrations on Burj Khalifa; Burj Khalifa is the world’s famous and extremely tall sky scraper. After the fire struck in the 63 storey hotel located near Burj Khalifa, people went into a sudden state of terror because burning debris started falling on their heads. After the news spread and people started to panic due to the fire, fire engines strived hard to reach the concerned building where the fire was starting to destroy the 20th storey but they were facing extreme difficulty.

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On the other hand, authorities claimed that no one got seriously hurt during the fire eruption and everyone was safely rescued from the building as the safety planning arrangements done by the police to handle the crowd of millions were almost foolproof.  The fire engines were able to extinguish the fire around 11pm.

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