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Five Kitchen Remedies To Prevent Pregnancy

There are many times in life when a woman is not ready to get pregnant or have children. After all its 21st century, every person likes to compete in his/her professional field. Gone are the days when women were only considered to be birth-giving machines. Now women have their own lives, their own aims and ambitions to follow.  Different sorts of birth control methods are available in the market. You can easily benefit from these methods. But sometimes due to a stroke of bad luck, your birth control method can easily fail. In such a case women tend to search for homely remedies to prevent pregnancy.

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Below are mentioned some of the homely remedies that are going to help you in prevent the unwanted pregnancy.

Cotton root bark

Oxytocin is the hormone that causes the contractions to start and hence results in the birth of the baby.  Cotton root bark possesses the elements that can provide a boost to this hormone and help in the early termination of pregnancy. The method is to cut the dried root into small pieces and add these pieces in boiling water. You can either drink the brewed tea of cotton root bark or you can also add these pieces into your own tea, either way it’s very effective. Drinking it twice a day will help you achieve the desired results in less time.

Cotton root bark in pregnancy


Since decades, parsley is known to be one of the effective remedies to prevent pregnancy. It is the mild and most easy form of pregnancy prevention remedy. You just need to add it in boiling water and let it simmer for few seconds. Drinking while Luke warm will help you achieve the results faster.

Parsley in pregnancy


Another herb, it’s a type of plant and is used in dried form. It can easily be identified as the shape of this plant is similar to parsley. Although this plant is very effective in termination of pregnancy but it does have some side effects. The overdose of this plant is known to cause kidney and renal failures. It’s best to consume it with water and be sure to seek the advice of any expert before consuming it. If you sense any sort of disturbance while urinating then you must immediately stop the use of this herb.

Mugwort in pregnancy


This herb is also known as a famous and effective remedy for the prevention of pregnancy. Locally this herb is famous by the name of Dong Quai and domestic women tend to use this herb with great confidence in order to terminate unwanted pregnancy.

Angelica in pregnancy

This herb is a famous pregnancy prevention remedy because it can start powerful uterine contractions. If you want to prevent pregnancy in a natural way with this herb then you need to use this herb in the following two weeks of your intercourse.

Blue Cohosh

Blue Cohosh is also one of the powerful remedies to prevent pregnancy as it also provides boost to oxytocin. It is not good for your health to exceed the amount of this herb tea more than 3 to 4 cups a day.

Blue cohosh in pregnancy

If you face any sort of health complication while drinking this tea then you must instantly consult your doctor.

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