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Five Symptoms Of Breast Cancer That Should Be Kept In Mind!

Breast cancer is one of the biggest health issues in women. One or two years ago, it was a common concept among the women, that only married or elderly women tend to get breast cancer but now recent research has revealed that teenage and unmarried girls can also become victim of breast cancer. Even though the medical research has advanced in the field of cancer and many treatments are available in the field but still there are many women who were not able to survive breast cancer. The biggest reason behind this issue is the fact that most of the women don’t tend to care about the symptoms of breast cancer.

symptoms of breast cancer

Five breast cancer symptoms

It is strongly advisable for all the girls and women that they must keep a close watch on their breasts, armpits and the area surrounding their breasts for any of the below mentioned symptoms. When it comes to the issue of “breasts health” most of the females feel shy speaking about it. But this is truly a very sensitive issue and must be dealt with in a serious manner.

Reddening of breasts

If you tend to notice inflammation on your breasts such as red skin or scaliness, then it’s time for you to get alert. The skin of your breasts might feel sore and painful. You will also experience serious itching in the breasts. If this condition results in purple bruises on the breasts or you feel swelling then it’s one of the symptoms of breast cancer. Some of the women complain about the presence of dimples on their breasts while some also complain about the discoloration of their breasts.

symptoms of breast cancer

Back pain

Breast cancer pain cannot always be felt in the chest or breast. Sometimes the pain in upper back portion of your body is also the initial symptom of breast cancer. If you feel pain in shoulders or shoulder blades then you must not take it lightly.  You must keep in mind that this pain will not disappear but it will get worse with the passage of time, so if your upper back pain is getting worse due to medication then it’s time to consult the breast cancer specialist.

symptoms of breast cancer

Changes in the look of breasts

If a tumor is developing inside or near your breasts then the chances are that your breasts are going to change their appearance. While undressing, if you sense some changes in your breasts or nipples then don’t ignore these changes. Some of the changes might include:

-inverted nipples

-smaller nipples

-flattened breasts

Size changes

If there is an inappropriate type of size change occurring in any portion of your breasts then you need to pay a close attention to this change. Most of the women suffering from advanced stage breast cancer were unable to detect the lump growth of breast cancer due to the thick tissues of their breasts. If your breasts also have thick tissues then it’s important that you pay attention to any unusual size changes.

Changes in armpits

Whenever breast cancer attacks any woman, the lymph nodes get attacked first. These lymph nodes are present in the armpits so if you feel any changes in the armpits then you must instantly seek the reason behind those changes. You must carefully observe your armpits with the help of your fingers and if you feel unmovable, solid lump in the arm pits or breasts then consult the doctor as soon as possible.


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