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Guinea Has Been Declared Ebola-Free But Is The Crisis Really Over?

Guinea faced the worst health crisis almost two years ago when Ebola outbreak snatched the lives of almost thousands of people. The country has recently been declared safe and free from any viral disease but it seems that the story is yet to continue.

The Ebola virus that started from Guinea around two years ago reportedly killed almost 11,300 innocent people as it sped throughout the world but Guinea was declared Ebola free on this Tuesday. Before Guinea was declared virus-free, it passed through the 42 days administration period during which close monitoring was done on the remaining patients of Ebola virus. As Guinea was known to be the birthing nest for Ebola virus so the administration period granted to this country was almost double the normal time duration granted for the places with Ebola epidemic. During this period, Nubia, a baby who was born with Ebola cleared the virus test. Nubia was the last person to be born with Ebola and passed the clearance test during the administration period that started from 16th of November.

Another two neighboring countries that were also known as the birthing nests for Ebola also showed a great progress towards clearance. Liberia that is rumored to be the West African country with a very high ratio of Ebola, has chances to get clearance on the 14th of January as it is making progress in its fight against Ebola. While on the other hand, Sierra Leone, showed great results so it got the clearance on 7th of November.

Guinea Has Been Declared Ebola-Free

“This is the first time that all three countries — Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone — have stopped the original chains of transmission that were responsible for starting this devastating outbreak two years ago,” claimed Matshidiso Moeti, Regional Director in Africa for WHO.

Although WHO is revealing positive views about the Ebola clearance in these countries but public health experts are totally on the different track. They are of the opinion that it’s just too soon to determine whether these countries are Ebola free or not. In the past Liberia has been declared Ebola-free on two different occasions but both times the virus returned with much force.

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